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Ibrehem says that it's a straight-up, very easy weak-link vote for him: Kim all the way. But Steph and Angie aren't so sure, and Angie, too, interviews that she and Steph are talking about the possibility of choosing to get rid of one of the guys. Angie says that the plus side is having the numerical upper hand, but the minus side is that they'd be likely to keep losing the immunity challenges if they put their faith know, Kim. Kim, in turn, says that she won't really know whether it's her or one of the guys until they get to tribal council, which she blames on the group's inability to make decisions until the last minute. Or, of course, they're not telling her.

Evening. Tribal council. They file in and sit, just the six little people who are left. Jeff snots that he saved their seats. Because occasionally, Jeff is a bitch, God love him. He confronts them about how frustrating all the losses must be, and Steph says it's "so frustrating." She doesn't know what to do, as she's said a couple of times, and doesn't know why giving their best isn't turning out to be adequate. Angie says that she was really upset that they didn't win the reward challenge, and then losing the immunity challenge on top of that was "devastating." Bobby Jon is asked for thoughts, and opines that, clearly, he himself is doing something wrong, because they're getting whomped so badly and he's being whomped personally. "I have let our tribe down in challenges," he says. Aww!

Jeff says something about "accountability," which I always love, and then he talks about "camp life." Asked about going fishing, Kim makes a weird argument that they all go on the fishing trips, they just all don't do the actual fishing. Which is awesome, because it totally confuses Jeff Probst, who can't believe she's really arguing that it counts if you go out on the boat and sit on your ass. Kim chuckles that it's not like she and Stephenie could go out and fish together. Ha ha! Of course. Because they have girl arms. Jeff asks Stephenie whether she and the other two women could survive if they had to without the guys. Steph diplomatically splits the hair, saying that they certainly rely on the guys, but that they could be self-sufficient if they needed to. Angie puts in a plug for her own competence, expressing a little bit of a bristly sense regarding the guys who tried to "help" her put in a nail while they were building the bathroom. James and Ibrehem sort of prove her point by smirking and rolling their eyes at this complaint. Asked for his view of this, Bobby Jon says with what appears to be at least some sincerity that he's been hanging around with these particular women long enough to figure out that they're perfectly well as strong as, you know, James, not that he says it that way. And with Bobby Jon, you know he counts being strong in mind when he says "strong," so he's partly addressing the fact that no matter who's physically capable of what, they have two women on their team who play every single challenge like bad-asses, which is more than they can say for some of their guys. You know Bobby Jon loves both Angie and Steph just for trying so damn hard.

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