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Jeff asks James about being beaten by Coby, and James decides that now his objection is that Coby is "a hairdresser." Mm. Subtle. "I'll tell you what, that boy right there's got some ass behind him." Um. Never mind. Jeff points out that James kind of has to say that, since Coby beat him. And James admits that...this is true. Jeff points out that of the six points it took to beat them, Koror scored five of them off the men. (Which the clever ones among you already know, because you've been reading this very recap.) "The women carried this tribe again," Jeff says. "Yes, they did," James agrees. Because, again, no choice. And then Kim makes the mistake of grouping herself in with the women and ragging on the guys, which she really cannot get away with, like, at all, and it is so completely time for her to go.

And now, it is time for the voting! Ibrehem votes. James votes for Kim, saying she's "not putting much effort into the tribe." Steph votes. Kim votes for James, saying he's "dictating a little too much." I think she knew she was going. Bobby Jon votes. Angie votes. Jeff returns with the urn-o-votes. One for Kim. One for James. And then it's a landslide! Kim, Kim, Kim, and that will do it. Not. Very. Surprising. She brings over her torch and is snuffed, wishing her tribe luck. I really think there are no hard feelings; how could she make a case for herself when she wouldn't work at camp OR in challenges? She can't really blame them. Jeff calls it a "demoralizing first eleven days" and sends them back to camp. He certainly isn't pulling too many punches, is he?

In her exit interview, Kim says that she had fun, but that she really hopes someone from Ulong wins, and not someone from Koror. Because she's all about team spirit when it doesn't involve standing up.

Next week: more smooching! More trouble for Ulong! Something unexpected!

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