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Kim doesn't take especially warmly to this explosion of "motivation" from James, saying that maybe he could be a little nicer, instead of trying to warm everyone's spirits through threatened stomping. Bobby Jon interviews that they do have attitude problems and so forth, and they need to find a way to raise everyone's morale. (Hint: LOSE LESS.) He's hoping they'll "turn it around," and that they've learned something from their horrific win-loss record. I don't know. I grew up outside Philadelphia, and it never did anything for any of our sports teams.

Morning of Day 9 comes to Koror, and Katie and Anonymous Jen go out to get treemail. I swear, I don't think I have ever, ever seen anyone get to the fourth episode without talking, as is the case with Anonymous Jen. It's utterly baffling. The stumpmail tells the women that they need to choose a tribal representative who will make some choices for them that they'll then have to live with. And -- eureka! -- Anonymous Jen talks in an actual interview looking right into the camera, saying that...well, disappointingly enough, just repeating what Katie just read. I waited for the fourth episode and they gave me that? Repeating of stumpmail? Sigh. That's not going to do much to alter the anonymity. Back at camp, the tribe talks about the possibilities, with Coby raising the specter of sending someone off who might not get to come back. There is some silence, and then Ian says that he would nominate Gregg, who "represents [Koror] well" and is their "steady man." Gregg waffles, saying he doesn't really want to go, but that he doesn't object to going. Willard looks around thoughtfully. He is so not going. Someone asks whether "everyone else is up for it," and I'm not clear whether she's asking whether others would go, or others would have Gregg go, but Coby and Janu both half-assedly raise one hand and mutter something. I think Coby mutters, "I would go," but I'm not sure. It's...well, "half-assed" is about right. Ian says he would go, I think, and then Coby says again that he would go, on the theory that maybe nobody heard him, and then one more person -- maybe Caryn? -- offers to go. But none of these people sets the tribe on fire, enthusiasm-wise. Tom realizes that they're not going to get it resolved until someone throws support to someone who actually wants to go, so he says he would advance the idea that Ian should go. He says that Ian has been the team leader, and says, "You want to go, I say you go." A couple of other people throw their support behind that concept as Coby strokes his beard pensively.

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