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Coby now interviews that he, Janu, and Caryn volunteered to go, but that "nobody listened," because they were busy choosing between Gregg and Ian. I don't think it's a matter of nobody listening. I think it's a matter of other people on the team not supporting the idea of having Coby go, which may be painful for Coby, but isn't unfair of anyone, and isn't particularly disrespectful. The tribe asked people to speak up if they were willing to go, and once they had an idea of who was willing to go, they chose from among those people. It just seems kind of silly for Coby to be indignant about it, but he seems somewhat prone to the indignation.

Back at the meeting, Katie comments that she wouldn't want to lose Ian from the tribe. Me neither! "I'll be back; we'll see each other again," Ian says, offhandedly making the sort of comment that can cause serious swooning in others without the speaker's even realizing it. Ian asks if it's cool with everyone for him to go, and Coby says that it seems to be the will of the tribe, so he won't fight it. Well, right. Because...what other basis is there on which to make this decision? How would you fight it? You can't argue that you "deserve" it, I don't think. Especially if you're Coby. Coby claims that this entire discussion exposed a subgroup within the team consisting of Ian, Tom, Gregg, Anonymous Jen, and Katie. Wow, he means that to be somewhat scandalous, but I really hope it's true. I mean, five people, none of whom egregiously sucks, taking a power position? Unbelievable! It's a crazy world indeed. But Coby sees the downside, unsurprisingly, noting that this makes for "five against four," with himself, Janu, Caryn, and Willard on the down side of the equation. Tough luck, Coby! It's your own fault, you know, for being Caryn's friend.

Some birds argue out on the beach, and then we are at Ulong, where they have no idea what to do about the team representative thing, any more than they have any idea what to do about anything else. You know that if it were possible to lose at picking a team representative, they would. Steph advocates picking out of a hat, but...nobody seems excited about that. Kim is asked how she feels about going. "I'm fine with it; I think you're good at it too, though," Kim weakly offers to Stephenie. Steph makes a face as drums of tension and cluelessness thumpa-thump in the background. Ulong, as usual, suffers long and arduous silences as someone tries to think of something to say. It's like they leave spaces in the conversation for all their departed tribemates to talk. Steph returns to the idea of drawing straws or doing something else with an element of randomness. Kim doesn't know about that. Angie picks her teeth. Pauuuuuse. Kim interviews that she doesn't like the idea of drawing straws, not that she, like, spoke up and suggested anything as an alternative. James picks his teeth as well. Popular activity, the teeth-picking. I suppose at this point, it's whatever passes the time, no? Kim interviews that, in the end, Ulong probably will make an "impulsive" decision as a result of the team's unwillingness to sit down and think through anything. Because Kim is, I guess, the team's advocate for strategy? Yeah, I don't know. Steph suggests waiting until they get to the challenge, and maybe they can see what it is and decide then. Yeah, you know...I always kind of want to root for Steph, but that's not going to work, there, pumpkin. Of course the rest of the team loves the idea of deferring the decision, because their brains already hurt, so they choose to head out and do some fishing rather than actually doing the one thing they've been asked to do all day. Ulong heads out in their boat. It's really hard to believe they keep losing, isn't it?

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