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Later, Ulong is out fishing, mostly sitting around on the boat and doing nothing while a couple of the guys try to get teeny little fish. "We found Nemo," someone comments. Snerk. And, exactly. I don't understand why Ulong keeps catching these fish that look like you'd stick them on a cracker and serve them as an appetizer, but perhaps it's the nature of the local fish population. When the tribe returns to camp, they find that Jeff is waiting for them. He immediately asks, before they can even pile out of the boat, who their representative is. They sheepishly look at each other. They ask Jeff whether they can ask questions, and Jeff is like, "You don't have your representative yet?", you can't ask questions. That's the point! Don't try to outsmart Jeff! You'll confuse him, and somebody will get hurt, and is that what you want? "Give me somebody," Jeff repeats. My question is...why is it not Bobby Jon? He seems like the classic choice. But anyway, they wind up sending James. Note, however, that the person who initially says "James" and is echoed by the whole tribe is Bobby Jon, so I was partly right. And remember that it was Tom who advanced Ian to go, but didn't go himself. I'm telling you, Bobby Jon and Tom are the same guy on their respective tribes, with the exception that Bobby Jon is stuck with more people who suck. Jeff drags James out of the boat.

Now, James interviews that he didn't want to lead the team, but that it was good that they picked him. And why was it good? Well, because, on account of him, they got "the tools that [they] needed to build [their] lavatory." James explains to Jeff that he "used to build houses." A sketchy description if ever there was one. Jeff says hopefully that James has "a background," meaning that perhaps Ulong will not get its ass whipped yet again. But honestly...what are the odds? Anyway, James takes a hatchet, and he declares it to be a hatchet, showing -- you guessed it -- his expertise. "Good choice, James," Steph encourages as he points out the hatchet's features, like the fact that, like many hatchets, it has a hammer on the other side. Tricky! I think I had that Transformer once. Clearly, James will be kicking butt at this challenge, pointing out to his tribe which end of the nail goes into the wood and which end you hit. Once James has chosen all his stuff, Jeff explains about the "kick-ass Survivor shelter" they stand to gain if they win, and the team engages in much ooh-ing and aah-ing, just like they would if they had a chance of winning. James tells us again in an interview that he's not crazy about leadership, but in this case, he was willing to make an exception and tell everyone to "get up off [they] asses" and get to work. I think yelling is the kind of leadership at which James most excels.

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