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Steph and Kim have a chat in which Kim complains that she's just worn down from the lack of food. Everyone else looks dubious. James tells us he finds Kim "a little bit useless," but says they discovered that they could put her to work sewing the team's name onto the shower curtain, meaning that they wound up with an actual construction crew of five. One member of that crew, of course, is Bobby Jon, whom James sends into the woods to get him some trees. Out in the woods, Bobby Jon takes a series of mighty whacks at a tree while interviewing that when he's working hard, he puts his "whole body and soul" into it. And...goodness. Yeah, this is all kind of distracting, aesthetically speaking. He explains how "winners keep fightin'," and it's extremely inspirational and everything, but really? Yeah, I'm looking at his shoulders. And, like, hips and stuff. Because...zoiks. Anyway, Bobby Jon cuts down a tree, but when it gets stuck in some other trees on the way down and he can't move it enough to make it fall, he goes right off to cut down another one. Man. He's got deforestation fever, and he doesn't care who knows it. Kim, elsewhere, complains about how hard it is to be on a team with people who have this thing about how everyone should do work. "You want the honest truth," she says, "I think that I'm the smart one, sitting in the center, with a bunch of people running around with their heads chopped off." As if to provide some minimal support to this facially preposterous argument, we watch James tell the team that the reason construction jobs finish late is people freaking out. I'm not sure I believe that, but okay. So Kim, I guess, is supposed to get the "not freaking out" points. She tells us that everyone is losing it because James is driving them crazy. And she thinks she's smart to let "the beast attack the beast." Because the tribe is the beast and James is the beast, and...yeah, not sure. In other news, Angie's poor bra has taken such a beating that she's reached a point of near-toplessness as she looks at James with disgust before walking away, taking her blurred breasts with her. Girlfriend really needs some clothes. This much blurring is not a good thing.

The next day, Day 10, Jesse and Jeff arrive at Koror to inspect their bathroom. They walk Jesse back to the spot, as Ian describes the inspection experience as "nerve-wracking." Tom points out the nice "Watch Your Step" sign. They've basically divided their bathroom entirely so that the latrine isn't right with the shower, which is probably smart. Tom shows Jesse the extremely sturdy-framed outhouse-style construction of the potty, telling him that they chose not to enclose the walls with anything. They've got a slanted roof that is enough to keep you at least modestly dry if it's raining, they've got very solid looks good, if not too private. I'm sure it beats what they're using, though, which is...nothing. Next, they take Jesse over to look at the shower. Ian shows him that the shower is set up to be raised and lowered to adjust to the height of the person, which is probably actually very important if you're dealing with people of such varying heights (ahem, Ian) and you want to make the most of a fairly primitive shower setup. Ian steps into the shower and gets himself nice and wet. Jesse says he's ready to take off, and Jeff says that if their bathroom is judged best, they'll be back to build the shelter. Gregg interviews that he thinks they put their all into the challenge and did a great job, and he thinks Jesse will give them the victory.

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