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At Alinta on Day 30, that damn bat is still hanging upside-down. He has got to be getting tired. Chris is taking a walk with Julie, and telling her he's going to win immunity. "You better," she says. He tells us that Julie has been acting as his information provider within the women's alliance, and that it's clear to him from his conversations with her that things are set, and that if he fails to win immunity, he's finished. They fetch the treemail announcing the immunity challenge, and for some reason, I'm completely annoyed by the rhyming of "hurry" with "jury." At least the crap verse could involve real rhymes. That should be my new job -- treemail copywriter. I'm available, you know. Call me! "I'm going to win immunity," Chris says into the camera. In fact, he promises. "It's a fact," he says. Indeed. Dewey defeats Truman!

We go to a challenge course, where Jeff awaits. He takes immunity back from Twila, and immediately announces that the challenge will be run in pairs. "Let's bring in the people you're going to pair up with," he says. And sure enough, here are the loved ones. Back again. Everyone claps and jumps up and down, and I think that's officially once too often to that well. Once per episode will do it, producer-types. Between the original "you will get to chat with your loved ones," the "Wait -- they're actually here!," and this, it's just gotten silly. The third time people jump up and down, it starts to feel juuuust a little perfunctory, you know? Jeff reminds the group that now, the loved ones will either be a help or a hindrance in the immunity challenge, and that is the basis on which you should decide whether to ever see them again. Okay, not really. But you know that's what he thinks. What will happen is that each team will get a color, and every LO will be blindfolded. The castaways will each stand up on a perch and direct his or her blindfolded LO to a series of posts where bags of puzzle pieces hang. You have to direct your LO to each post, and then to the right bag, which they'll have to untie (still blindfolded). Then you direct them back to you. There are three bags all together for each team. When all three are fetched, the LO takes off the blindfold, and both people work on assembling the puzzle. First to assemble it wins immunity.

"Survivors ready...go!" There are a lot of people yelling "To your right! To your right!" and "To your left!" and such, and it's quite the cacophony. Ami gets Crissy to a bag first, and of course has to holler gloatingly, because she's Ami, and that's what she does. Chris yells to Laurie after she grabs the first bag that she's going to have to walk a little faster. Crissy gets the first bag back to Ami. E-Mom? Sucks at this. She's cute, but she sucks at this, or else Eliza does, or both. Laurie brings a bag back to Chris. Twila yells to her son Jimmy that he needs to go to his right. No, his right. No, his right. He goes left. "Jimmy, to your other right!" she yells. Hee hee. Oh, moms. Annie gets a bag back to Scout. Julie walks Justin right into a pole with his forehead. That's gonna leave a mark. Crissy brings back the second bag to Ami. Laurie remains nervous, and I think she's not quite able to walk as fast as some of the others, because walking blindfolded just feels too unnatural to her. She does get a second bag back to Chris. Leann gets Teri stuck behind a rope and can't seem to figure out how to get her unstuck. That is quite a head-scratcher. Laurie feels her way along the final set of bags. Crissy gets the third one back to Ami, though, and they're first to start assembling the puzzle. Laurie then returns with the third bag, and she and Chris start the puzzle.

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