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Everyone With The Game Wrapped Up...

Volcano! Back at camp, as the allegorical ants scramble, Julie informs Chris that the decision has been made to keep him and send Eliza home. Julie asks him if he's surprised, and he says he's thrilled. He interviews that this is like "a tornado," where you don't do a damn thing, and you get thrown around anyway. As he points out, he did nothing in this instance to change his circumstances, and he's been saved. "There's six women living with me; they'll change it themselves," he says. And...he's right, although it's not because they're women. Any six players could have the same thing go on. No need to be all "Whoa, chicks is batty!" about it.

So Chris heads out to get some wood, and he meets up with Twila. And as they work, she tells him that he has the power to change the game. She looks at him, hard. "Think about it," she says. "For the last three days," she says, "you've held the key and you haven't realized it. By talking to one person." "Scout?" Chris asks. "No," Twila says impatiently. "I'm talking to you," he says. "No," she repeats, even more impatiently. A beat passes. This is like playing 20 Questions, only without the questions. You'd just have a guy going, "Is it...George Bush? No? Is it...Jimmie Walker? No? Is it...Mighty Mouse?" It could take a long time. "Eliza?" Chris finally says. Twila stops. She looks at him. "Think about it," she says.


"You are so right," Chris says, stunned. "Then me, you, Scout, and her...." Twila tells him firmly that if Chris gets Eliza, he'll have three people to back him and keep him in the game. In an interview, Twila expresses some guilt about having sworn on her son's name, but says that "it's time for something to change." She adds that she does not appreciate Ami and Leann's superior attitude, or the way they act like they have the game in hand. "It freaking pisses me off," Twila says. Yay, Twila! Back in her chat with Chris, Twila asks him to please not "cut [her] throat on this." She tells him again that they can change the entire game if he just does what she's asking. Her fear, of course, is that he'll go tattle, and do what he and Chad originally tried to do with Eliza, which is to get the women to turn on one of their own to delay the inevitable for three more days, which...well, you can see how well it worked last time. In an interview, Chris says with great excitement that "damn right" he was willing to follow this plan.

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