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Now, we see the next phase, which is Chris's conversation with Eliza. He tells her he's been informed that he's not going tonight -- she is. But he has an offer for her, and a way for her to stay in the game. Eliza tells Chris, once she's filled in, that her concern is not him -- her concern is Scout and Twila. He tells her not to worry, but she says that she thinks it's a big plot, and that she'll wind up being the one to go. Eliza's fears are understandable, but seem kind of vague -- how would this be a plot by Scout and Twila against her? I suppose she could be made to look disloyal by voting against Leann, but she has to know that she's going to need some immunity wins or a new plan in order to stay much longer, even if they vote out Chris. If she's kept around, it's going to be because people think she'll be easy to beat in an F2 situation, not because anybody likes her or is counting on her loyalty. Chris tells Eliza over and over that he's never lied to her, and that he's telling her the truth. She repeats her fear that Twila and Scout are lying to them both. "Just please take this risk," he says pleadingly. This is, kind of dramatic, for a season that has sucked so much ass up to this point. ["I also don't get what either of them has to lose by joining together to vote out someone in Ami's alliance, if their fear is that they're being set up. If that were true, then one of the two of them would go anyway, so who cares?" -- Wing Chun]

Tribal council. The tribe enters. Sarge and Chad enter, both looking fat and happy from a few days in jury-land. Jeff notes that the last few days have been very emotional, what with the LO visits and everything. Jeff asks Eliza whether the visit from her mother made her realize how close to the end they were, and she says yes. She says that the family visit is a marker of being late in the game, and that it's long been a goal for all of them to make it that far. Jeff asks Chris about being in a challenge where he felt that his butt was the one with the most to lose if he didn't get immunity. Chris says he knew Laurie gave all she possibly could to help him: "I love her to death; she did a great job with that." Jeff says that, at the other end of things, Leann didn't seem to take the challenge very seriously, but basically just screwed around with her friend. Leann says this is true, but argues first that she wasn't going to win anyway, and then that it wasn't "life or death" for her to get immunity. Because of her alliance! Everyone else is screwed! Screwed!

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