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Jeff asks Eliza about the fact that she's brought her bag. Again. She says it's easy to call her paranoid, but that every damn time she gets back to camp, she finds out that she barely avoided being voted off. Which is basically true. "And I very well might be going home tonight, no joke," she says. Jeff laughs. "I don't think it is a joke," he tells her. Jeff asks Chris whether there's any tension in the tribe, and he gives a fairly Tim Allen-y answer about how there's always tension with six women, blah dee blah. I wish I could tell you I disagree with this, but honestly, I do believe that after this period of time, any group of six that had been, for the most part, together for most of a month would be experiencing some serious strain.

Ami shockingly chooses to keep her immunity, and then it's time for the vote. Leann votes. Julie votes for Eliza, explaining that there's "group consensus" about it. Mm-hmm. Wave at the clue that's flying by over your head, dear. Twila votes. Chris votes. Scout votes. Ami votes for Eliza, spelling it "Elyzah," because...yeah, I don't know why. Just to be important, I guess. Can't be regular! Can't be average! Gotta be special! A prop skull stares at us, like, "This is so suspenseful!" Eliza votes. Jeff goes for the urn.

When he returns, Jeff reads the first vote, which says, "Eliza." Eliza looks over at Ami, who gives her this sad, knowing nod, like, "Yes, little one, you are going home, it was nice knowing you." The next vote is for Leann, who looks quite surprised in the back row to have received a vote. Next vote, "Elyzah." Next vote is for Eliza. And then there is a second vote for Leann, and that's the one that turns her head around. Because...oh, dear. Something is horribly wrong. Hee hee. Ami, too, has that "Oh, shit" expression. Jeff reads a third vote for Leann, as Julie turns disbelievingly to look at Leann. How can this be happening? And the last vote is for...Leann. Who, stunned, gets up and leaves. Eliza smiles, which she totally deserves to do, because...if there were a better way to say it than "fuck those snotty jerks," I'd try to find it, but "fuck those snotty jerks" it is. Chris grins. And over on the bench, you bet your ass Sarge and Chad are mightily amused, smirking and elbowing each other. Leann kisses Julie as Ami looks around, unable to believe that something has gone wrong in her universe of girl power, ruled by...well, her. Leann is snuffed, HA HA HA!, and she takes off without much of a friendly wave. Eliza looks back at Chris, who gives her a wink and a tiny nod. Love Chris. Jeff notes that upon the reading of the last vote, there were some very smug faces, and there were some very sad faces. Yeah, interesting, that. "This game has just been turned on its head," Jeff says, and for once, it's true. Chris looks over at Sarge and Chad one more time before taking off. I can only imagine how thrilled to death they were to see that happen. Probably even more thrilled than I was, which is hard to believe.

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