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The team pours into the IT hut. Once they're standing by the computer table, Jeff comments to Twila that she's already crying, and she laughs nervously. He tells her she can go first, and she asks him if somebody can type for her, because she doesn't know how to type. Aww. Twila gets very weepy sitting in front of the machine, but Jeff tells her not to worry, because this isn't even a typing chat -- it's a webcam chat. So he sets up the webcam and brings up a window, and there's Twila's son, just about as you'd expect. Looks like her, with short, neat hair and a bit of a shy expression. He waves at her. "Hi, Mom, how are you?" he asks. She cries. "I was bein' tough till I seen you," she blubbers to him, which is really cute, because...she wasn't, really, but...aww. "Ohhh, you're still tough," he assures her. He tells her he loves her, and she says, "I love you, too, buddy." So cute! Jeff tells her to wrap it up, so Twila and her son say goodbye. She tells her son -- still crying, mostly -- that she's "not very good at this stuff," but says she'll talk to him later. "Do good for me," he tells her. They sign off, and everybody in the group is a little weepy. And, shockingly, so am I. Aww! Damn sentimental highway workers.

Leann goes to the computer next and brings up her best friend Teri. It's nice to see best friends all, "I love you!," but really, it's a letdown after Twila and her kid. I know Wing Chun has trouble believing there are this many only-children/orphans. Of course, you have to account for the ones whose parents aren't speaking to them because they're on television with their pixelized asses. ["Also, a season and a half of Starting Over should have taught me by now that there are way more reality-show famewhores who are estranged from their blood relations for various dumb reasons than one might guess." -- Wing Chun] Leann's visit is over soon, basically, because no one cares.

Eliza sits down, and tells us that she just wants to see "Mommy." I was really tempted to make a lame-ass Nancy Reagan joke here, but I have more respect for you than that. I may even have more respect for Eliza's mommy than that. Eliza and her mother blow extravagant kisses with a lot of "MWAH!" noise to them, which is kind of funny. Eliza's mom wishes she could give Eliza a hug. "Be nice to my Lizey out there, you guys," her mom says.

Next to step in are Julie and the crooked hat, and she gets to talk to her...friend, Justin. Another foundling, apparently. What I love about Justin is that both he and Julie start to laugh hysterically when they see each other on the screen, like, "Get a load of this shit!" Which I think is exactly what my friends and I would do in the same situation, not that I can see any of us going on Survivor, which is part of why they're my friends. But anyway. Julie and Justin have a nice chat, which includes copious use of the word "dude," and then they have to say goodbye as well.

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