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Scout sits at the computer, and Jeff asks her what her partner's name is. "Annie," Scout intones with great love. Aside from the fact that Annie makes a very odd, high-pitched keening noise when she sees Scout, they have a very loving reunion, which makes Scout cry a whole, whole lot.

Ami sits down next, and hopes to talk to her girlfriend Crissy. And there's Crissy! They're very sweet, too, all, "I love you, babe" and all that jazz. As with most people I strongly dislike, I like Ami best around someone she apparently is very fond of. In other news, that's quite a beak Crissy's got on her, not to interrupt the touching moment.

Next up is Chris's girlfriend Laurie, who acts really happy to see him. "Put your hands on the screen," she says to him. He holds up his hands. "I'm right here," he says. There's something about Chris's expression here that seemed very genuine, like he's almost having the thought that leaving for this long was a really, really stupid idea. Probably especially now that he knows he's not going to win anyway. He just seems sort of...apologetic, in this odd way. "So what kind of plans have you made for Cancun?" he asks her, adding, "They all already know." Laurie smiles. "Yes, we're going to get married," she says. Everyone applauds. I have developed a lot of affection for Chris, I have to say, since the early episodes in which I really did agree with the tagging of him as the dumb-ass drive-time radio guy. Which he kind of still is. ["He is, but I like him best now too." -- Wing Chun] Even with the ponytail, he seems like a pretty sweet character. "You're beautiful, and I'll see you soon," he tells Laurie.

And now, Jeff pries them all away from the computer and sends them out for the challenge. When they're all seated, he starts with a question about who broke the most tiles with the slingshot. The answer is Rory, as everyone correctly answers. The next question concerns which man was first to start assembling his ladder. It was Chad, which everybody also gets right, as they should, since they were sitting around watching at the time. He then asks who sat out during the second immunity challenge. It's a really unfair question, because all the women were part of the tribe that had to sit someone out, and Chris wasn't, but ah, well. The answer is Dolly, and all the women get it, except Twila. Who is really not a trivia buff, I don't think. Even about her own life. So at this point, each of the women except Twila has three points, and Twila and Chris have two. Next, Jeff asks what the four symbols were in the fourth immunity challenge. The correct answers are pig, volcano, skull, and palm tree. Most of the women get three, with Twila and Chris again bringing up the rear with one each. So everyone else is pulling away from Chris and Twila, in case you haven't noticed.

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