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Everyone With The Game Wrapped Up...

Now, Jeff asks who fell into the water most often in the first reward challenge. The answer is John K., with his aversion to manly hugging, and everyone gets it but Ami, Leann, and Scout. This puts Julie and Eliza in a tie at seven, so the two of them will go to a tiebreaker. I have to wonder how stupid the rest of these people are feeling for losing a brain game to Julie and Eliza. In the tiebreaker, Jeff asks them to name as many of the pairs that the teams uncovered in the Concentration-style challenge as they can. Julie sits there. Jeff comments on the blank expression on her face, resisting the urge to add something like, "As usual," like I would have. Eliza scribbles, scribbles, and scribbles. When time expires, Julie has...not one thing. Oh, Julie. ["My sister thought Julie threw it, since her loved one was just a friend and she wanted Eliza to get to see her mom, but I think that's giving Julie too much credit." -- Wing Chun] Eliza, on the other hand, has a few right, so she wins the reward, and will be getting to chat with her mother. She looks very, very happy about this. "Ready to go have a little chat with your mom?" Jeff asks. "Or would you rather your mom came out here and chatted with you?" Eliza jumps up, her lemur-eyes even more huge than usual, and one hand over her mouth. Eliza's mom runs out from behind the hut. She and Eliza hug, as behind them, the rest of the tribe figures out that, in all likelihood, their loved ones are back there somewhere, too. They should have had a "rescue your loved one from the production hut" challenge. I would enjoy seeing Twila up in a camera guy's face like, "My boy's back ' can move aside or ah can tie ya in a square knot. Up to you." Once Eliza and Mom have hugged for long enough, Jeff reveals that it's not really a chat for an hour -- it's really an overnight visit. What's more, he says that, indeed, everybody else's dose of human contact is here as well, and they'll all be brought out for just a quick greeting before they have to leave. You know, to avoid revolt and justify the cost of the plane tickets.

Twila goes first, and again, she's the one who makes me a little teary. Her son runs out and picks her up off the ground as they hug. That is a lot of love, people. And it's so funny, because I think people perceive Twila as pretty gruff and hard to get to know, but it's evident that she holds absolutely nothing back from this kid. There's nothing cold about her; she just doesn't run around splashing phony affection on people she doesn't like. Arguably a good quality. They exchange "love you"s, and he goes to stand aside.

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