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Everyone With The Game Wrapped Up...

Leann jumps up and down as she waits for Teri. They hug, they exchange an encouraging word. Snore.

Scout stands up to wait for Annie. Annie runs out, yelling with excitement, probably one misstep away from a broken hip. Just kidding, AARP! Don't email me! They hug, but any girl-on-girl kissing is cut out, which...I'm very torn about. I'm so happy that they treat this relationship like any other one in so many lovely ways, but I'm so bummed that they won't even show a little smooch. Because I'm guessing that there was one. On the other hand, seeing Rupert possessively suck his wife's tongue for public consumption struck me as gross and show-offy, so maybe it's just as well.

Justin runs out and greets Julie, and they laugh about the fact that when he puts her down, her shorts are about to come clean off. That's the best kind of friend, really, is the one who makes your pants fall down. As Julie and Justin laugh, we cut to Eliza, who is watching with absolutely rapt attention, despite the fact that she already has her mom with her. Eliza reminds me so much of Jenna Lewis, another person I liked more than most people did, who also had an impressive capacity to be happy for other people, even when they were basically not very nice to her. Maybe I just have a soft spot for people who talk too much. I wonder why that would be.

Ami's girlfriend comes in, and there will be no kissing on TV for them, either. Thanks for scaring the shit out of everyone, FCC! I feel safe in the knowledge that I still like boys! Whew! I'm glad you protected me! But with that caveat, it's very sweet.

And then Laurie runs out to greet Chris. I love this, because she jumps up on him and wraps her legs around him, clinging to his neck, even though she's a normal-sized lady and not some little teeny thing like the girls you usually see pulling that maneuver. I think it's very telling about the closeness of their relationship that she did that with such a total absence of inhibition. "I love you, I'll be home," he says. And aside from a peck on the cheek, they don't really kiss either. It's very interesting. I wondered whether this was a compromise in light of knowing they'd get heat if they showed two chicks making out like Rupert and Laura did -- just don't show it with anyone. It doesn't matter that much, because I'm not hot on the make-out scene anyway, but it would be interesting to know how those scenes were negotiated.

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