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Anyway, in the "lying" vein, Scout tells Leann and Ami that the whole thing was Chad's plan, not hers. Scout says she's been faithful, and seems to refer back to an agreement that they had to "stick together." Leann makes a fateful error in judgment that she will replay in her mind for quite some time, I suspect, when she snottily says, "We said we'd stick together, but I never made any promises about final four with you, Scout." Scout says her impression had been that they had just such an arrangement -- that she and Twila and Ami and Leann, who have been allied with each other since very early in the game, would go to the end together. "We didn't ever say anything about the final four with you," Ami says haughtily. The potential fallout from this conversation is so obvious that it's hard for me to imagine what could have possessed Ami and Leann, but there you have it. Scout interviews that she was intending to do "damage control" during this summit, but that it became clear to her that Ami and Leann had abandoned their alliance with her and Twila. "Have you promised Jules?" Scout asks. "I have since promised Jules," Leann confirms. "Okay, so you want Jules to go to the final four," Scout says. Leann nods. "I do," she says. Brilliant! In other words, "I just want you to understand, Scout, that it's the three of us against the four of you." Math, Leann, math! It goes to show you, among other things, that these women have lasted a long time by playing an extremely simple but persistent Pagonging strategy, not by being especially brilliant. They don't have a multi-dimensional game, the way, for instance, Boston Rob did. I've said it many times, and I'm sure I will again -- very often, the most important strategic ability is counting. Scout looks back and forth between Leann and Ami.

We cut to Scout, throwing her hands up into claws and hissing. Hee. "My hackles came up, and they're still up," she says. She adds, "Whatever happens, 'Vengeance is mine,' sayeth the jury." And there you have, I think (or hope), foreshadowing that if Ami makes it to the final two, she will never get Scout's vote, no matter who else is involved. I certainly hope that's true, because there isn't anyone I would like to see trounced in a vote than Ami.

Volcano! Night, then sunrise, and it is Day 29. Everyone sits around the fire, working on little craft projects, mostly made from coconuts. As it turns out, E-Mom is leaving shortly, and they all thought they'd give her a little something to take back to their loved ones. The gifts look a bit ragtag, but fortunately, it's the thought that counts. And in this case, the thought seems to be, "I cannot get you a card,, okay?" As E-Mom walks down to the beach with the tribe, she and Eliza squeeze in a few more hugs. Eliza voices over that E-Mom's presence has motivated her and made it easier for her to keep going. Another classic sentiment I have now officially heard way too many times for it to be interesting. About to climb into the boat, E-Mom abruptly strips off her purple-pink button-down shirt and hands it to Eliza, leaving herself in only her white sports bra. Eliza explains that E-Mom realized Eliza didn't even have anything with sleeves to wear anymore, so she handed over the shirt. The team waves goodbye to E-Mom's boat, and Scout waves the shirt and calls out, "She came out and stripped to her panties, and left in only her bra! She is our kind of woman!" I don't like Scout much, but...heh. I'm also happy we didn't see the "panties" part, I think. That's just unnecessary. Leann gives Eliza a hug as she sniffles over her mother's departure.

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