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Ants crawl over a rock. Ami, Twila, and Leann take a walk in search of manioc and a reinforced alliance. Leann says she wanted to hear Twila's explanation of the whole Chad/Chris situation from last week. Twila assures Leann that people have approached her with all kinds of different plans. "It doesn't matter," Twila tells her. "My heart has stayed true to you and Ami." Ami then chastises Twila for not immediately reporting whatever contacts she had with boys, because Ami always tells the women anytime the men approach her. Which...they never would have, because Ami is the leader of the women, so it's easy for her to say. Shut up, Ami. Twila tries to explain that she was being lobbied very hard, and Ami just doesn't understand why Twila would be at all conflicted, and makes it clear that even by being conflicted, Twila has shown disloyalty. Right. Because unquestioning faithfulness to people who have already admitted that any alliance they have with you is of limited duration and that they later intend to ditch you is nevertheless your obligation as a human being. And a girl. And an American.

Ami gives some interview in which she spouts a lot of pompous bullshit about Twila's confusion over what it means to be on a team, or some such crap. Again, Ami is making a grossly obvious effort to leverage traditional female guilt against Twila, which would be fine if she weren't so obviously convinced that she has some kind of moral justification for acting like such a jerk. Leann, too, tries to make Twila feel bad by telling her that she has "mistrust for [Twila] now," and she adds that she gave Twila her word. Of...what, exactly? Of making it, like, two more rounds before being scuttled? Shut up! Twila repeats that she gave Ami and Leann her word as well. Twila proceeds to swear on her son that she will remain faithful to Ami and Leann. Ami deflects all conflict away from herself again by asking Leann whether she feels okay about everything now. Leann admits to continuing mixed feelings: "I feel guarded." "Don't," Twila says flatly. Twila tells us in an interview that she swore on her kid's name that she'd stay with Ami and Leann. "But...maybe if I win a million dollars, God'll forgive me," she says, looking sheepishly at the sky and laughing. Hee hee. Honestly, I'm in favor of any defense against Ami and Leann's passive-aggressive "Kumbaya" bullshit, and I'm not so hot on swearing on stuff anyway. My people don't even take oaths in court, so it's pretty meaningless to me. I also just love Twila for being so normal. You know, relatively.

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