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Brandon interviews that, indeed, he's "conflicted," because he's in an alliance with Bobby Jon, but Gary and Amy "maybe deserve to be here a little bit more" than Bobby Jon does, given that Bobby Jon's already had a shot. He tells us that this is probably his toughest moment in the game so far, voting-wise. He laments the fact that you wind up deceiving and lying and so forth when, of course, everyone could theoretically choose not to proceed that way, but just to vote off the people who aren't as good, or whatever. Of course, a meritocracy wouldn't make very good television, so he'd better hope he isn't overheard. They leave for tribal council.

When everyone is seated, Jeff (nice green shirt, you dork) asks Danni about still being here on Day 18. She says it feels good to be in the game, but that she isn't feeling good coming to tribal council and voting someone out. Jeff asks Gary why this seems worse -- what's different now from when they voted Brian out. I think the real answer is that while they all liked Brian fine, it didn't break their hearts to get rid of him quite as much as it's hurting to vote out Amy, partly because she has all kinds of extra trouper points for how she kept going last week after the second injury to her ankle. Gary says he thinks that the team is just really tight, and nobody really wants anybody to go. Jeff asks Amy about the experience, and she says that she experienced things during the game that won't come up anywhere else. Plus, she bonded with her team and everything. "I love these guys," she says. Aww.

Jeff asks Brandon about sending someone home, trying to make it sound as bad as possible, and asks how much harder it is than he thought it was going to be. Farmer Beavis responds that it's a lot harder than he expected, and that the worst part is indeed the part where you have to pick between who's not in your alliance and who "may not be as deserving" of remaining in the game. Right as Brandon says "may not be as deserving," we see Bobby Jon's head whip around, but it's always hard to say, because they tend to play very fast and loose with reaction shots at tribal council. Jeff asks Danni whether she anticipated the business about who was deserving. Danni says she knows that's part of the game, but that giving your word and keeping your word are two different things.

Jeff asks Bobby Jon how he goes about voting at tribal council. It probably wouldn't do to say that he votes by stomping his foot for the number of letters in the person's name, so he says that he just keeps to his old, ancient, Day 1 deals. Unless it's Blake, of course. Because sometimes, you have to break your old deals. But never ones that involve not voting out Bobby Jon. Hmmm, I sense an imperfect ethical construct. They should have some kind of an alarm for when that happens.

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