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Mergers And Acquisitions

At any rate, it's time to vote. Bobby Jon votes first for Amy. "You're the strongest, most real human being I've ever met in my entire life," he says. "My entire life." He adds, "I won't never meet anybody more real than you ever." I'm sure she really appreciates that. Brandon votes. Amy votes for Bobby Jon. Gary votes. Danni votes.

We return to Jeff, who "tallies" the votes. He brings back the urn. One vote for Amy. One vote for Bobby Jon. Two for Amy. And...three for Amy, which is enough. Boo! I haven't been happy with the bootings recently at all. Amy gives everybody hugs, because she's that sort of person, and then she goes off to be snuffed. Farmer Beavis looks a little ill. Jeff tells what's left of Yaxha that this rather somber tribal council convinced him that they really are close. And now, the game is about to change, because they're merging as of right now. They're heading to Nakum's camp, and they're taking the new buffs for everyone with them. Jeff promises that the rewards they've won will be waiting for them there, so presumably, somebody is moving the pool. The new buffs, incidentally, are red. And the new tribe will need to come up with a name. Jeff sends Gary, Danni, Bobby Jon, and Brandon off to find Camp Nakum and start over.

In her exit interview, Amy says that she's totally proud of everything she did and everything she learned. Very cool lady, and no bitterness. I dig her.

Next week: merge. Being asked to "choose [her] fate" makes Stephenie get all Chandler's-Janice, with the "Oh my God." And, it appears, cracks in the head-kissing alliance of Judd and Jamie begin to appear. Not the head-kissing alliance!

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