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Petrified croc skull.

We move to a challenge course that appears, at first, simply to be composed of a long strip of dirt with a series of poles along it. Jeff brings in the tribes, explaining how Margaret was booted by Nakum and Brian by Yaxha. Jeff explains that the challenge will involve four team members wrapping thirty feet of material around themselves and then unwrapping it. The way it works is that one person goes to the pole with the first bunch of material wrapped around it, and he unspools the material from the pole and onto himself. Spinning, or whatever. Then, he goes to the next pole where another person is waiting. The two of them then wrap a load of material around both of their bodies, then they do the same with the next person and the next. Then, they gradually start to unwrap, releasing one person at a time. A fifth tribe member will act as a sort of facilitator, helping them wrap and helping them move from one pole to another without falling over. It's one of those that's really hard to envision if you've never been put in the position of sharing a sarcophagus.

So what are we playing for? Well, the reward is a famous Mayan discovery -- chocolate. (Incidentally, they weren't kidding about lots of people being beat-up from the ball -- you can see a big scrape along Danni's jaw here, too.) And the chocolate comes with a zipline tour of the jungle. I strongly recommend not eating your chocolate before your death-defying, stomach-into-your-throat zipline experience. Just saying. Nakum sits out Judd, which my fingers actually resist typing, so convinced are they that this should be followed by "Don't you mean Lydia?"

Amy is Yaxha's facilitator/wrapper/mummification coordinator, and Jamie is Nakum's. Ready? Go. Steph and Brandon are the first to wrap themselves. Steph moves ahead to Lydia, and then Brandon moves on to Gary. Steph and Lydia have a hard time cooperating, despite how bossy Steph is being. Hard to believe. I think it's safe to say, over on the Yaxha side of things, that this is the closest that the front of Gary has come to the back of another dude since his football days. One thing that's interesting is that Steph and Lydia tie themselves together face-to-face, while Gary and Brandon wind up one behind the other, which makes it much, much easier for the guys to walk together to the next pole. Gary, Brandon, and Bobby Jon are now wrapping in one big homoerotic clump of spinning and rubbing and whatnot. They initially try to wrap Bobby Jon in so that he's front of Brandon, the three of them still lined up like they're paddling a canoe. But that arrangement falls apart a little, while over at Nakum, Lydia and Steph start to wrap Rafe up with them. Yaxha degenerates from its organized arrangement into a big, random amoeba shape as they try to wrap in Danni.

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