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When they're all on the other side, it's time to enjoy some delicious chocolate. A very, very large amount of delicious chocolate, actually. Bobby Jon tells us that, in fact, it was "a Chocolatefest." You know, I enjoy Chocolatefest, but they never have good bands anymore since the year the fans set all the Tootsie Rolls on fire. The tribe enjoys chocolate cake, pralines, cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries, and so forth. They all eat and eat. After recapping enough seasons of this show, there really aren't any new ways to convey to you that scarfing ensues. Farmer Beavis tells us that this was his biggest chocolate pig-out of all time, and I hope that's true, because I can't really imagine a situation that would be more fitting. Well, being dumped, I guess. Because the five of them are nowhere near able to eat the amount of chocolate that's there, they decide to take it home with them, so they're all hauling containers as they go home. "God, I hope I hold that down," Farmer Beavis remarks as they leave. I hope so, too. I've really seen all the throwing up this season that I think I need to see. And then some.

Skittish windup bird.

Over at Nakum, we see that Rafe has figured out how to play cards with leaves. Today, they're going to play Uno, which I think is completely adorable. Rafe explains that he tries to come up with activities to pass the time. Aw! He says that they actually came up with a 52-card deck that they created by painting suits and numbers onto leaves. "With even two jokers," he says. Hee. Well, they do have the time, I guess. My favorite part is where Steph explains to Jamie, who seems to be new to card-playing, that you have to put the stems on the bottom. To, presumably, be able to read the numbers and such. I just like that he can't figure out how to hold homemade playing cards.

Yaxha, meanwhile, is paddling over to Camp Nakum, which Danni explains in an interview is the result of its being her birthday. They decided to "invite Nakum over for a little pool party." Gary cautions as they paddle that he doesn't want to get in the middle of anything that might go down between Bobby Jon and Jamie, and Bobby Jon promises he's too "mature" to let that happen. Pfft. Once you've chest-bumped a guy for no good reason, you're not getting back to the high road without a hot-air balloon. They tie up at Nakum's dock, and the card players look up from their game when there is a loud cry of "Nakuuuum!" There is some talk among Nakum about whether to go down to the dock and see what the deal is -- Rafe correctly surmises that maybe they'll be invited to swim in the pool. "I ain't goin' to their pool," Jamie huffs. "These are our enemies at this point," Judd snots in agreement, apparently choosing to ignore the fact that there's going to be a merge literally any day now. Steph encourages the tribe to head down, and they eventually do. Cindy, however, grumps that she's "not interested in their silly little game-playin'." People, you're all going to be living together very, very soon. This is probably not the most productive possible attitude. I'm nicer than this to people who move into my apartment building, and I don't have to sleep next to them without the benefit of toothpaste or deodorant.

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