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She pours some extremely loud water (seriously, what is going on with that? Did they mic her canteen?) and tries to talk to Stacey about tonight's vote, but Stacey doesn't have much to say back. And Edna should know well enough that Stacey doesn't know who's going home tonight anyway. Stacey, who is apparently feeling the loss of those reward chickens and their eggs, interviews that Edna is on an "Easter egg hunt" and "scrambling like scrambled eggs" and how dare she talk to Stacey about tonight's vote when she's never tried to speak to Stacey before. Stacey thinks it's between her and Edna tonight, and it should absolutely be Edna going home sine Stacey lifted all that weight. And then she lost, so who cares? Stacey doesn't think Edna could have lifted anything, saying she's "bones on bones" and "bones can't lift too much if it's just all skeleton with the bones." Stacey has eggs and bones on the brain today.

Coach decides to talk to Stacey. She manages to hold a conversation with him, which is good, and they talk about tonight's vote. Coach admits that tonight's vote will either be Stacey or "somebody else." Yeah, that somebody else being whoever Stacey votes for. Stacey says she brings a lot more to the table than Edna and has pulled her weight. Coach just nods and looks uncomfortable before leaving. With no one else to talk to, Stacey has no choice but to stare at the camera and roll her eyes and swear at it. Ha ha! Fourth wall broken! Very nice, Stacey. You are my favorite even though you are just awful at the social game. Stacey interviews that she doesn't believe anything Coach says and if she has to lie to stick around in this game, she will.

And so, she corners Li'l Li'l Russell and tells him that people are talking about him, specifically Albert, Sophie, and Mikayla, who he went off on last week. This causes the gullible troll to worry, and he reports to Coach, saying they have "a problem on [their] hands." "Another one?" Coach asks. Li'l Li'l Russell says their five-way alliance is over. Coach might be incredibly dim when it comes to things like this, but he has played this game before, so he just sighs as Li'l Li'l Russell explains that Stacey told him that Albert, Sophie, and Mikayla have their own alliance. "Stop it!" Coach says; "I want you to stop it! Stop!" Wow, I don't think I've ever heard him like this. As in, speaking authoritatively about something that he actually knows about. "This game is gonna get so much crazier than this. And if you believe somebody -- tell me if somebody's sneaking up on me -- if you believe somebody that is on death row like Stacey knows she is over somebody that is in our core alliance then you might as well throw in the towel right now." Li'l Li'l Russell just nods along, but I don't think anything Coach is saying (all of which is amazingly good advice considering the source) is really sinking in with him. Li'l Li'l Russell thinks he shouldn't listen to what Coach says because Coach was "screwed over" by his allies both times he played in the past. Yeah, and he made it to the jury both of those times. Coach says he was blind-sided by his allies in the past, but he's learned from that and that's not how he's going to play this game now. "I tend to be a good judge of character," says the possibly insane 19-year-old with the worst tattoos ever.

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