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Sophie, who probably is a good judge of character despite her relative youth, watches from afar and interviews that if her alliance is based on trust and she's not sure how much she can trust Li'l Li'l Russell, who is a "small, small Russell Hantz." Damn, how can you be a smaller version of Li'l Russell? He's like 4 feet tall. Coach, who is a terrible judge of character despite his age and experience, considers Li'l Li'l Russell to be a "great guy," although he admits that he's a little worried about his unpredictability. "I have to protect myself. I have to remember that I'm out here for a third and possibly final time," Coach says, giving the 6 Coach fans out there hope that he'll play this game again someday.

And so, Upolu arrive at Tribal. Probst talks to Stacey first, asking her about the challenge. Stacey talks about how awesome she was. Probst asks Coach if, as good as Stacey did, it doesn't really matter since she still lost. "Stacey lost to Dawn," Probst points out. Yeah, when you put it that way, it's pretty sad. Coach starts talking about peoples' "Warrior Spirits" and how if he was choosing who to vote for tonight solely based on that, Stacey wouldn't be in trouble.

Probst asks Sophie if tonight's vote will be based on the strength factor Upolu has being lying to him about trying to keep. Sophie says that physical strength is one factor, but so is "strength in numbers" -- you have to be sure of who you're playing this game with when it comes to the merge. That's a really good point, but it's also boring, so Probst decides to shake things up with a "group therapy" exercise. For some reason, he starts with Rick, who probably shoots people who admit they go to group therapy, and asks him what the most annoying thing about Albert is. Rick's all like: "8-{|" Eventually, he comes up with "he snores." Probst goes for Li'l Li'l Russell next, asking him what is annoying about Edna. Choosing his words surprisingly carefully, Li'l Li'l Russell goes with "she's got a lot to say about a lot" and "she's just got a lot of opinions." Edna disagrees, much to the eyebrow-raise of Mikayla and Stacey.

Probst asks Edna what the most annoying thing about Stacey is, as if this wasn't his goal question (along with the one he asks right after this) all along. "I find it very difficult to engage Stacey," Edna says, somehow managing to turn having a conversation with someone into a robot drill. Edna says she wishes Stacey would open up to her more. Probst asks Stacey if she has a problem opening up to people, and Stacey says not at all and that she's had deep conversations we haven't seen on camera with "quite a few" of her tribemates. And then Probst sets off his other landmine of the night and asks Mikayla what the most annoying thing about Li'l Li'l Russell is. Mikayla could have said something about the fact that he's insane and creepy, but instead she says she doesn't like his uncle. "Who's his uncle?" Probst asks, like he doesn't know. At least he doesn't pretend he wasn't totally aware of this already when Mikayla says it's Li'l Russell. Mikayla continues that it's such a shame that Li'l Li'l Russell appears to be "such a good kid" (the fuck? How? Also, she's only, what, 3 years older than him? "Kid" my ass) and she'll never be able to totally trust him because of who he's related to. "Blood's blood," she concludes. Okay, well, according to her bio on the show site, she was raised by a single mother. I wonder what happened to her father? Maybe he died when she was a baby or maybe he skipped out on them. Either way, she must be just like him because blood is blood.

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