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The Lost Art of Letter-Writing

The Villains arrive at Tribal Council. In walks Douche the jury, and he is wearing a freaking kimono. And a feather. Ah, he's fun. Probst gets started right away, asking Sandra how important trust is in tonight's decision. Sandra says it isn't for her because she knows it's either her or Courtney going tonight. Courtney agrees. Probst asks Li'l Russell if that has anything to do with how much Sandra and Courtney sit out of challenges, because he is freaking determined to prove to us that strong people rule Survivor, even though they usually don't. Li'l Russell says his decision has nothing to do with challenges and everything to do with trust. Probst asks Danielle what makes Sandra untrustworthy. Danielle honestly says "she's not in my alliance," then adds something about good Sandra is at "manipulating people" that takes both Sandra and Probst by surprise. They ask her for an example and Danielle is vague and unhelpful as usual. Finally: "she's just not been on my side." Probst says that's more about Sandra "not doing what you want her to do" than it is Sandra not being trustworthy. Actually, it turns out that it's more about Danielle having hurt feelings from the early days of the game when she felt like Sandra and Rob were mean to her and forced her to join Li'l Russell's alliance. "That didn't have nothing to do with Sandra," Sandra says. Well, it did, but Danielle lacks the ability to explain herself or make a point. Sandra turns it all around on Danielle, saying that she was the same way with Parvati as she's accusing Sandra of being with Rob. Danielle says she is her "own person" and doesn't take orders from Parvati. Sandra says she is also her own person and doensn't take orders from Rob. "It sure didn't look like it," Danielle says, unable to freaking drop it and admit defeat to Sandra.

Probst asks Parvarti if Sandra is correct -- "are you the boss?" "Of course," Parvati shrugs, saying that seems to be what the Heroes think, that she's running a women's alliance on the Villains tribe. Ooooh, she almost blew it there, as we know that she only knows that because of J.T.'s note, which I don't know anyone else knows about besides Li'l Russell. Probst then asks Parvati why Courtney isn't trustworthy. Parvati says her decision has nothing to do with that and everything to do with alliances. Sandra and Courtney happened to choose the wrong one. Li'l Russell says something about how his amazing trust bond with Parvati and Danielle kept them in this game against all odds. Way to exclude Jerri there, moron. Now she'll be ready to flip over to the Heroes' side with Sandra after the merge. Courtney agrees, saying she can't hold anything against Li'l Russell, Parvati, and Danielle for sticking true to their alliance just like she stuck true to hers with Rob, even after knowing that he was probably on his way out. She hastens to point out that Jerri and Douche were not quite as loyal, which lead to their downfall. Jerri gets all defensive, saying she "never asked to be a part of that group," by which I think she means Rob's alliance. Courtney points out that she voted with them against Parvati. Jerri maintains that that was not because of any allegiance. "All right, well, you voted against the alliance you're part of now," Courtney says; "you flipped just in time to save your butt, so, awesome for you. I didn't flip enough, I guess, and so that's why me and Sandra are in trouble." Ha ha! Jerri just got told. All she can do is sit around looking wild-eyed and hungry, and Probst decides this is a good time to start the vote.

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