Survivor Reunion: South Pacific

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Boys Rule, Girls Drool

Probst can't wait to bring Sophie down a few more pegs. Seriously, I don't remember him being this harsh on recent winners; it seems like he's always just like, "Wow, you won! Tell us more about how awesomely you played!" Anyway, he reminds Sophie that some of the other contestants called her selfish and spoiled. Sophie looks pointedly at Ozzy who is either daydreaming or wondering why they're not talking to him. Sophie says (again, seriously, how many times does she need to answer this question?) that she has a hard exterior and that can come off as standoffish and blunt. She jokes that she was a Girl Scout, and she was taught to be confident. Good! No one would question a male winner with confidence who had a "tell it like it is" personality. Okay, few would. But Probst just can't understand a woman who has confidence and isn't willing to either play the sex kitten or the coy, "Who, me?" baby doll. Sophie concludes that she has learned from her experience and she's trying to be a little more like Dawn. And look, Dawn seems like a nice person, but also like a doormat. Don't hide your light under a bushel, Sophie. Certainly not because OZZY said you should. Fuck that guy.

Okay, enough about Sophie. Let's talk about Coach. (Not really, I'd like to talk more to Sophie but she's just a girl, so let's move on.) Coach came in as a returning veteran and set up a strong alliance of five on the first night. His tribe shared religion (or at least pretended to) and a family vibe that carried them through the merge and beyond. At least until people started comparing notes and realized that he gave conflicting promises. Oops. Probst knows that Coach was different this time around, and Coach explains that he saw this season as a gift, and he tried to take himself less seriously and have fun. He thinks he's more grounded and down-to-earth. Sophie, next to him, rolls her eyes sort of comically. Which would be a great opportunity for Probst to ask her what she thinks of Coach, her tightest alliance partner, but fuck Sophie. Let's talk to the big guy some more.

Probst wants to hear from Coach about religion, because it was such a big part of this season. Probst adds that it's one thing to pray for strength in a tough game, and it's another thing to pray for certain people to be eliminated or win a challenge. Coach knows that some people see their prayer as trite and shallow, but it was something to grab onto. He admits that it became "prayer-a-palooza" and almost seems like he's about to admit that they went overboard or that it was less than genuine at times, but he stops himself and goes back to his, "Grab onto something unshakeable" line that he clearly worked out in advance.

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