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Boys Rule, Girls Drool

Moving on to the merge, Probst asks Ozzy (because why ask Cochran?) if he has any regrets about how that flipped out. So Ozzy talks some more. That puts him over three minutes, and that's just him talking, not the time when Probst asked questions. Anyway, in summary, Ozzy was going balls out this time, because he wasn't playing for second or third. Probst interrupts him so we can hear from some little kid in the audience. Her question is basically, "Why is Ozzy so awesome, physically?" And then Ozzy gives a speech on how everyone else can be just as awesome, and the audience is applauding and Ozzy is still talking. Over three and a half minutes. Sigh. I didn't time how long Sophie talked but I'm guessing it was less than half that.

What about Cochran? Probst claims that some people saw him as "a despicable villain." Who thinks that? A doofus, sure. An idiot, maybe. But a villain? Probst wants to know what the reaction on the street has been. Probst has been obsessed with the street in this reunion. That's like the third time he's mentioned it. Cochran says that most people are nice in person and mean on the Internet. Well, that's true of life, right?

Probst brings up how Cochran actually wrote a paper at Harvard comparing the Survivor jury system to the American legal system. Cochran admits that all his theory didn't help at all once he got out there, and since people kind of immediately started talking about voting him off, he got defensive, which hurt his ability to connect to people who could have helped him. I have to say, Cochran has good perspective and takes responsibility for his mistakes. Cochran knows that he's kind of a cartoon character, and admits that he thought he was an expert and a jester, but people thought he was a joke and he disappointed himself. He also thought, during the game, that everyone loved him and he was wrong. Probst wants to know how the game changed him, and Cochran says that real-world interactions don't seem as scary since he's already made a fool of himself on national television. And then Probst wants to know if he's dating, and Cochran says he's not, and adds, "Come at me." Aw. Cochran ended up seeming kind of...cute? Annoying but cute.

Moving on to Brandon, Probst basically asks, "Why were you so crazy out there?" Brandon says that he's been brought up in the church, and while on the show, he kept being reminded of actions he used to take, and he didn't want to be like that anymore. Probst wants to know if his family is happy with how he played and Brandon says not everyone is, especially not Uncle Russell. Brandon kind of dances around it, but Probst gets him to admit that no one in his family liked his gameplay and no one is there from his family. Well, except for Russell. And he doesn't think his family is proud, but he's okay with it. Even crazy Brandon came off sympathetically there.

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