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Striking It Rich a Second Time

Speaking of Ramona, it's her segment next. She's in New Jersey looking very nice in makeup. Her audition tape says she's an only child, a little spoiled, and eager to be a survivor. She says she's the only black in her group at work. "Talk about survival," she says, and in her interview tape goes on about how she has no white friends. Something tells me this is just the tiny bit of the tape they chose to edit down and show.

On the island, Ramona is sickly, talking about how if she tries to eat what the others are eating, she'll throw up. She proves it by throwing up. She and Jenna make good friends. They get along well, and she says Jenna could be her first white friend. Ramona actually cries in front of Jenna, and Jenna hugs her. It's actually very sweet.

But short-lived, because we go straight to tribal council to vote her ass off. Jenna votes for Ramona because Ramona's turnaround (not puking, not sleeping), was "too little, too late." Nice best friend, Jenna. Gretchen says she really respects Ramona, but she just got off to a slow start. Probst snuffs her out. In her final words, she says she feels sad, but it's a win-win situation. She talks about the lovely sunsets and how her first days on the island were tough. "I'm outta here. Peace," she says.

Rich and the Tagis open up a box of supplies, from which Richard immediately grabs a knife and straps it to his leg. Sean jokes that "those guys like to accessorize." Yeah, Sean lets loose with the homophobia. It's the uncensored DVD! Rich has the sea spear and he begins his quest to start feeding his tribe and making himself indispensable. Very graphic pulling apart of a sea creature. Rich seems to be enjoy pulling apart the slimy entrails. Rudy looks ill. I don't think there was any purpose for this scene except to gross us out.

Next segment is Dirk in Wisconsin. Country music plays as he boards a tractor. He is among cows, which prepares him for being on an island with Sue. His audition tape, which was shown during the reunion special, shows him pointing a gun at some firewood and scrounging for food. He's actually very funny. In his interview tape, he's got big thick unmade hair (dyed) and a weird soul patch. Unlike the devout straight-laced Christian they portrayed him on the island, he looks like a member of Stone Temple Pilots. He also looks like he's wearing lipstick. He talks about how hard a worker he is.

On the island, we predictably focus on Dirk and his Bible. Rudy says he's religious, but would only bring a bible for toilet-paper purposes. Dirk explains that he just likes quiet time and meditating. He has trouble finding tapioca, which will contribute to his being voted off the island very soon. Oh, hey, it is! He's voted off with very little explanation. It goes by really fast. In his closing words, he thanks the lord and says it's been a wild trip. He also talks about Jesus Christ, and joining him in Heaven one day. He says he was completely surprised by the vote and thought he'd go the distance. And then he asks about the footsteps that were next to his as he walked along the beach and how they disappeared during rough times, but Jesus just tells him to shush about that.

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