Survivor Season 2 The Australian Outback: The Greatest And Most Outrageous Moments

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Survivor II: The So-So and Most Mediocre Moments!

Keith knows he was the swing vote at the end. He says he tried to play without getting into altercations with people, but that it happened anyway, and he thinks that turned "public opinion" against him. Bryant wants to know why he "rub[bed] so many people the wrong way." Keith says he doesn't think it was that many people, but Bryant makes him name all the people who hate him. Keith should have added "Bryant" to the list. That would have been funny.

Colby goes through the same spiel we've heard over and over and over again about not caring about winning once he and Tina made the final two together. Maybe if I heard that one more time -- and louder -- I'd believe it. Or maybe not. Colby says that Tina would have done the same for him, but I don't believe that, either. I do believe that Colby believes it. He has to if he doesn't want to go through every day of his life feeling like the world's biggest moron.

And, finally, Tina. Bryant doesn't ask how she's enjoying her brand-new face. She's wearing an ugly shirt; I think it has spiders and fireworks on it. Tina allows that Kucha would have most likely won if Mike hadn't gotten eliminated. She says that she and Colby recognized a certain competitiveness in each other, and it drew them together. Tina doesn't like being called "ruthless"; she prefers "strategic." Well, for the record, I prefer "conservational" to "lazy," but no one's ever called me that. Tina says she would have picked Colby, too. Of course she'd say that. Tina talks about all of the things her family wants from her newfound wealth. She jokes that she'll have to go on Survivor III to pay for everything they want. That's sad.

But I don't care how sad it is. I'm happy to be through, and ready for Africa. Bring 'em on!

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