Survivor Season 2 The Australian Outback: The Greatest And Most Outrageous Moments

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Survivor II: The So-So and Most Mediocre Moments!

Mike has also been resurrected and is now saying that they all get along like a house -- or a pair of hands, I suppose, without the flaking skin -- on fire. It's Alicia's turn to exit, and they play semi-rap music for her. I'm guessing it's supposed to represent her strength, but I'm not sure. She's in her kitchen at home, which has exposed brick. And then she's in the park, killing the Princeton Tiger with a boomerang -- I've since learned it's a kangaroo -- which is hopping around carrying an umbrella. She ends the tape, "See you in the Outback." Alicia tells an audition interviewer that it takes too much work to get angry at people, and I know exactly what's coming up next. I was amazed that we got through the Kimmi segment without this, but I counted my chickens before Kucha ate them. It's the finger-waving clip. When this first aired, I said I couldn't see it too much, but you know what? I can. We get a little more of the argument this time, but it's still just the same: Alicia's got something up her ass; Kimmi's got a finger in her face. Jeff then tells us that he instigated that argument; while watching a clip, he points out his own figure skulking off in the background. Hee.

Suddenly, the vote: according to Keith, it's "part of [Ogakor's] process" to kick out Alicia next. That was what convinced me that Ogakor was really going to steamroll through. Lamber says Alicia's strength is the "main reason" that she's voting for Alicia; there are eight other reasons, and they all belong to other members of Barramundi. Jerri says nice things about Alicia -- of course, they're all in relation to herself. In her exit interview, Alicia tells us that it's not the last time we'll see her, so we should "get used to this finger." Actually, she says, "Get used to this face," but we've seen just as much of that crazy finger. She "peace out"s.

Next up is a cackling Jerri montage, and right in time to get us in the Halloween spirit. In her audition tape, Jerri says she's been in the bartending business, which she loves, for ten years. At least she doesn't say she's been in the acting business. We see her concoct some evil brew in her kitchen, and pass it off as food. It's not rice. Jerri says she's good at manipulating. She doesn't qualify that with "three-year-olds, and little Lambers." She says she wants to find a skill in the Outback that makes her "irreplaceable," and I was sure this would segue to sex and Colby, but instead the editors -- for once -- go the least offensive route and pick her Iron Chef battle with Keith with the secret ingredient being cherry tomatoes. And then on to Tribal Council, where not one member of either tribe has a good word to say about her. Nick says that even "the rest of her tribe wants her gone." Tina says that Jerri has never asked her a single personal question. I don't know whether that's better or worse than asking too personal a question about someone's false teeth. Colby says Jerri "bugs the hell out of everybody," and Keith says he'll send her a recipe for rice. In her exit interview, Jerri says that the game has been a complete success. If success means being voted off by your own team, well, then, sure.

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