Survivor Season 2 The Australian Outback: The Greatest And Most Outrageous Moments

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Survivor II: The So-So and Most Mediocre Moments!

Another sticky peanut-butter-on- the-hands clip -- the great rice rescue. I have no idea why they included this, so I won't bother repeating it. Nor will I comment on the "Outback internet café, Survivor-style" except to say the "Colbster" had "a meltdown."

And now, the day the music died. Rodger is drying out his socks. For some reason, in my notes I have written that Rodger is "baking" his socks. That sort of thing happens to me sometimes after watching this crap for hours and hours without stop. The Joannaster is having a meltdown of her own. Rodger tells us that everyone where he comes from "talks[s] pretty well the same." I want to go there! He says that Alicia nicknamed him Kentucky Joe, and he likes it. We see a clip of Rodger giving Elisabeth -- and not me, mind you; I'm still waiting for my heart-shaped rock to arrive in the mail c/o, thank you very much -- the heart-shaped rock. It's all about Elisabeth and Rodger until Tina tries to get in on the action. She massages him and jokes to Rodger's wife that she's "taking care" of her husband. Rodger is tense and Keith tells him, "Relax, she's not taking your clothes off." And now we see Rodger's audition tape. Rodger is totally Everyman. He stops Wal-Mart. When I lived in Ithaca, we stopped Wal-Mart, too. I didn't care so much about stopping Wal-Mart, but I did like the signs. I wonder whether they include this segment because it seems anti- Wal-Mart even though it's meant to be pro-Mom- and-Pop, and they're hoping Target will see it as more free publicity and take out some more ads with people bouncing and getting together. I'm personally a fan of the Gap commercial with Carole King and her daughter. It's sweet. Rodger is too cute as he bumbles around Crittenden and shows us where he "'tend[s] church," amongst other things. He points out the town's first blinking caution light, and mentions that the county just got its very first stoplight. In a follow-up interview in which the female interviewer is clearly charmed by Rodger, he does jumping jacks with his audition number (go #41!) in his mouth. We then see the traumatizing clip of Rodger jumping off the cliff and barely swimming to safety. By now, we all know that Mark Burnett re-filmed this sequence with body doubles, but that doesn't lessen the cringe factor. Rodger has a swimming pool in his back yard, but can't swim? That doesn't seem like the smartest thing. But you didn't hear that from me. Anyway, onto the Tribal Council, where Tina calls Rodger "one of the best Christian men [she's] ever met." I know what she means, but the statement could really imply that the other Christian men she's met are not so good. Because he's not just a good man, he's good...for a Christian. Both Tina and Colby think Rodger should be proud of himself for getting as far as he did; that seems like veiled ageism to me. Rodger makes a graceful exit. Sob!

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