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The Facts of Life

Zane tells Probst that he quit smoking the day he came on the show, and his stamina is probably not the best. Probst asks Denise if there's a responsibility for challenge performances, and Denise says that there is, but some people were also assigned roles they didn't want. Zane interrupts to reveal that he told everyone to vote him off if they think he will hold them back in challenges. Probst tells Russell that he's off the box, since Zane volunteered to go home, and Russell says that he's not taking anything for granted. Angie and Roxanne are both rolling their eyes while Russell talks. Anyway, it's time to vote.

Probst tallies the votes and asks if anyone wants to play a Hidden Immunity Idol. No one does. The first vote is for Zane, from Russell. The second vote is for Russell, from Zane. The rest are all for Zane. Russell actually looks surprised. Everyone else looks sad. Probst gives the remaining five tribe members flint and sends them back to their camp. Well, I think Zane got a little crazy with the strategy. He overthought it a little bit. He should have taken the temperature of the tribe before volunteering to go home, especially since everyone is looking for an easy out their first time to Tribal.

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