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Russell goes for a walk with Angie and Roxanne and says that he thinks it's going to be Zane, so they're safe. I love how Russell thinks that he gets to decide who goes home. Angie interviews that she's sick of Russell's bullshit. As soon as Russell leaves the two girls, they talk about how annoyed they are by Russell's tactics, and how he forced them to do puzzles just because he didn't want to do it. Angie interviews that she knows that Zane volunteered to go, but she likes Zane and she hates Russell. So then Angie goes up to Zane and basically begs him to recant his statement about wanting to get voted out. Zane interviews that this is his plan. He might want to tell a few people about that.

Zane and Malcolm talk in the jungle alone. Malcolm says that he'll send Zane home if that's what Zane wants, but he really wants to get rid of Russell. Zane, instead of just accepting that offer, then reveals that he's pretty sure Russell has the Immunity Idol. Oh, Zane. Why tell anyone that? Let them vote for Russell, and maybe he won't play it, but at least they will flush it out. And maybe a few people throw a vote to someone else and you get to stay! Malcolm interviews that they think Russell has an Idol, and he's hesitant to vote Russell out because he's strong and they need that strength to win challenges. Denise interviews that she's torn too, because she likes Zane, but he's weak and might be weighing their tribe down. Russell has the final word in an interview, where he acknowledges that he made a mistake going into "chief mode" at the challenge, and he hopes it doesn't mean he's going home.

Tribal Council. Probst starts by asking Denise about having an experienced player on board, and Denise says that his advice was invaluable. Zane says something that makes no sense about the game being an onion. Probst asks him to explain but I think Zane's point is that the more time they spend with Russell, the more they realize that Russell is way better than them. Probst wonders if Russell is worried that his tribe is threatened by him, and Russell is, but he also apologizes for being a dictator in the challenge.

Malcolm says that Russell was a jerk, but they've all talked about it and hopefully have cleared things up. Roxanne explains that she has a military background, so when Russell started barking orders, she shut down and fell in line, even though she disagreed. Angie also voices her dissent, and says that Russell told her it would be her fault if they lost. Russell starts to argue the point, and then catches his snap and says that he admits to being a jerk, and he hopes people will remember all the non-challenge time they spent together. Of course, they were all annoyed with him before the challenge even began, but he doesn't know that.

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