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Grass Jerri's Ass!

Back at Ogacamp, Tina tells us she'll feel bad about voting someone off, because there's a definite humiliation in being the first to go. Keith tells us that the vote will be "bittersweet," and then revises it to just "bitter." He thinks it definitely could be him. Mitchell tells us that Keith is bossy and is "definitely close to going," and Colby says that "if you were looking to paint a bullseye on someone," it would be Keith or Jerri, "who's unforgiving in her ways." Growling Dog tells us that Jerri makes her bristle. Kel tells us that he'll vote for Jerri because he told Maralyn and Tina he would, and that Maralyn told him the same, and that he trusts her. Hey Kel, want a hand with that knife in your back? Jerri tells us that "Kel is a liar and a cheat, and as much as I don't want to believe that to be the truth, he'd probably be the first one I'd vote out." I'm starting to wonder whether Kel spurned Jerri's romantic advances. Good thing he didn't bring along his pet bunny, because she's got a pot to boil it in. As Ogakor heads off to tribal council, Mitchell tells us he'd vote of his own grandparents because "they've been married for fifty years; that's a good alliance." Keith tells us that the game is about "how you play using your mind to win," and that it's all about "deceit and deception," which is kind of repetitive, don't you think?

This is Ogacorps' first visit to tribal council, so Jeff gives his spiel about fire representing life and yada yada yada, and then he gets right into the passive-aggressive behavior we've missed so much. He says that since the tribe has a professional chef, they should be eating really well. Keith responds by making a play for his own cooking show: "Until we start sourcing great products to work with, our creative juices are semi-limited and stuff." He then credits Jerri and her "tortilla shop," and she probably is charging them! Peachy can't leave well enough alone, and asks why Jerri is cooking. Jerri says she knew Peachy was going to go there (or, at least, she hoped he would). She talks some shit about the rice and says, "It got to the point where none of us wanted to eat, and I felt I needed to step in, because we were losing strength, our morale was down, when...I mean, when you don't wanna even eat, that's really a bad sign of things to come, so I just took it upon myself." Colby scores some points with me by saying, "Rice is rice." Loyal Dog says that "if it goes down and doesn't come back up, it's a good meal." Peachy asks Tina what her "lowest low" was, which is a ridiculous question in light of her two failures in the immunity challenge. She says that it was when she threw up the tripe. Peachy then asks if she has a case to make to the team as to why they should keep her, and she answers, "I feel like I screwed up. I should be the one to go." Maralyn looks incredulous, so maybe she knows that's a load of bull.

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