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The Rupert Show Is Cancelled

Oh, anyway. So there's this show on. Jon talks about how great his position is. He says he's going with the new alliance, basically because the Triumvirate is telling him that fourth place is the best he can do. He actually makes -- God help me -- a fairly good baseball analogy about being asked to bunt in a clutch situation and thinking that's for sissies. It's the same thing Rupert did with Lill, in that he tries to get people just to roll over and assent to their own destruction, and it's ridiculous. When you want something from people -- which you still do, as long as you need them not to vote for you -- you can't make it clear to them that if they do what you're asking them to do, they can't win. That just makes no rational sense. At any rate, Jon and Burton talk about how very mad Rupert is going to be. Burton interviews that the boot-Rupert strategy is high-risk, but high-yield -- he has a much better chance with the new alliance, and booting Rupert would be quite an accomplishment, but if he gets found out, it's going to be ugly. In other words, if he gets found out, he will likely be next, instead of at least outlasting Tijuana and Darrah, as he will if he sticks with the ex-Drakes. Probably correct.

Burton further explains that, by this point, he had hatched his evil plans with Jon and Lill, but he hadn't yet had a chance to talk to Tijuana and Darrah -- which, incidentally, firms up last week's theory that they hadn't all had these conversations as of last week's immunity challenge, so it's not that people lost their nerve at the IC or were afraid to get Rupert out, it's just that they had decided to get rid of Ryan-O first. At camp, Rupert empties a canteen and hands it to Lill to dispose of, and then he takes off to go fishing. He gives a little lecture about how he'd really rather be the kind of rotten guy who would just get fish for himself, but he's just too wonderful for that, and he can't help himself. It's not easy being the world's most magnanimous pirate, you know. Meanwhile, Christa and Sandra wander off to do something or other, apparently completely oblivious to the hazards of leaving the remaining folks alone at camp. I'm not sure you can really use physical presence to keep an alliance from forming against you if it's destined to happen, but you'd think that if they were at all clued into the dynamics, they might not leave behind precisely the set of people they could easily predict might decide to gang up on them. It's like when Mrs. Hannigan would go off and leave all the orphans alone, which always made Annie rally them in some kind of plan to escape or put pepper in her shoes or something. Fuckin' moppets. Jon explains that he and Burton predictably seized this opportunity to talk to the Morganite women.

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