Swimming With Sharks

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The Rupert Show Is Cancelled

Jon and Burton take a stroll on the beach, and Burton tells Jon that everything that's going to happen from this point out depends on their relationship. He knows it's a game and that there's backstabbing, but -- Jon cuts him off. "Dude, there's no way either one of us can beat anyone else." And there you have it -- an actual piece of intelligible strategy. That's why these guys are smart to be allies, even though they basically hate each other. What they don't know, however, while they have this conversation, is that Sandra is hiding in the bushes. It does appear that most of what she's hearing is about them allying with each other down the line, and not necessarily that they're flipping on the ex-Drakes now, so it's not clear just how blown the plan really is. She immediately runs to Rupert -- slow to feel the power shifting -- and tells him that Jon is going to be working on Lill on the boat ride. See, I think Sandra may just believe that Jon and Burton are setting up Lill to be against the Triumvirate after they get rid of Tijuana and Darrah. In fact, Rupert starts to say, "If they turn," and Sandra says, "It's not turning; it's just that they want her in the palm of their hand." Oh, it's turning, sweetheart, believe me. Sandra worries over what Jon will say to manipulate Lill on the boat, and Rupert says, "It doesn't matter. The boat will come back, and I will talk to Lill -- I talk to Lill every morning. I'm going to ask her exactly what he talked about, and she will tell me." Rupert is the mayor of Rupertville, in the province of Rupertelle, in the Commonwealth of Rupertania. You'll need some special stamps in your passport if you expect to occupy the same universe he does.

Jon and Lill take off for their fishing trip. As Rupert watches them leave, he voices over that he needs to find out what's going on, and that he just hopes that when Lill comes back, she'll tell him what went on. As Lill and Jon board the catamaran, they're struck by how pretty it is. And it really is, too. "To the final three," Lill says, and she and Jon toast. They meet the captain, and they get settled, and Jon says, "You're glad you didn't give this bad boy up now, aren't you?" "I don't know," Lill says with doubt. "The ramifications...." "There are no ramifications," Jon says reassuringly. "I have everything worked out and we have all day to discuss it, so you will have no more questions, and there will be no more talk at camp between anybody." He promises her that he's going to tell her exactly how everything's going to work from this point out.

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