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Odd Man Out?
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Just after being voted out, Kat interviews that Monica and Laura B. were both feeling on the outs in their tribe, so they decided they couldn't trust Kat. Interesting that Laura B. was involved; I don't think we saw her so much as speak about voting for Kat. Anyway, Kat tells Laura M. and John that Monica is an overstrategizer, Laura B. is a "social fucking witch" (?), Tina is a million-dollar winner and Katie is a tagalong. I think Kat still doesn't understand why she got voted out, and who is to blame (Vytas). Kat vows to do whatever it takes to make it back into the game and then worries aloud that Hayden will dump her because she didn't make the merge. If he would do that, does she really want to be with him? Like should she date someone who predicated his relationship feelings on her success on a reality show?

The next morning, Kat sits on the beach alone and cries. She's just now figuring out that she didn't do a great job playing the game. She still doesn't know that there was a huge alliance on her tribe, and she wasn't on it, right? Anyway, she's also worried that she brought shame to Hayden, and that he won't like her anymore. I know she's young, but she's not twelve, right? She should be more embarrassed about her behavior right now than being voted out.

Everyone heads to the Redemption Island truel. When Kat enters, she begs Hayden to give her a hug, which he does. I can't read Hayden's face, though. Is he mad that her tribemates voted her out? Sad for Kat, who is crying? Tough to say. Probst asks Kat where this emotion is coming from, and Kat says she's worried that she disappointed Hayden by getting voted out. Look, the odds were hugely in favor of at least one of you getting voted out before the finals. You had a good run! Hayden says that, obviously, this doesn't change his feelings for Kat, and their relationship comes ahead of everything, including the game. Probst sounds surprised, like is there anyone there who would say that the game was more important than their relationship?

Probst uses that admission as a lever to try to get someone, anyone to take the producers up on their stupid "switch places" twist. I can almost understand doing it when Rupert did, but to do it now? And give up your spot in your tribe? Unless you are about 99% sure that you will be the next one voted out, it makes absolutely no sense. Probst tries to push the, "You said you loved her!" angle. Kat, because she's dumb, looks hopeful that Hayden will actually take her spot.

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