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Arrested Development

After Probst spends two minutes talking about how awesome Li'l Russell was last week, it's Day 4 at Foa Foa. Li'l Russell tells us how great Tribal Council was last night because he single-handedly engineered Marisa's ouster. He actually gives her credit for being a "strong woman" and says he's happy to have her "strong mind" off of his tribe. Didn't he say last week that she was the stupidest player in the game, though? He meets with Betsy on the beach, and she asks him if he's mad at her, presumably for voting for Ashley last night instead of Marisa and urging her tribemates to do the same. Li'l Russell says he's not angry but sad, because Betsy doesn't trust him and he did nothing to her for her to feel that way. He guesses she must just be judging him based on appearances, and soon she'll realize that that was a "huge mistake" on her part. Betsy totally blows all of this off and says they'll just have to agree not to trust each other and move on. Ha! She has no desire to talk to him or listen to his bullshit. Betsy interviews that Marisa was probably voted out for speaking her mind to Li'l Russell, but that doesn't mean she'll be afraid to do the same. Oh. Well, it was nice knowing you, Betsy.

Hey! The opening credits are back and they're filled with a bunch of people I've never seen before. And Probst is in there, too! And some native guy that the camera zooms in and out of in a really cheesy way! But no Marisa. That kind of sucks.

So we head on over to Galu for their ten-second appearance. Yasmin complains that she's being eaten alive by insects and asks Dave Ball why they're going for her but not touching him. "Cause you're funky, baby," Dave Ball says. Also because he has a long-sleeve shirt on buttoned up to his chin and long pants on while Yasmin is showing a lot more skin in her tank top and jean shorts. It's all about convenience in bug world. Yasmin rejects the outdoors entirely and asks why anyone would choose to be out there. Um, for a million dollars? For some reason, the bug bites mean that Yasmin has to walk bow-legged. Although it might be the stick that we'll later discover is wedged pretty far up her ass. She interviews that people always told her that "the hood" of Detroit was the hardest place on Earth, but it turns out that it's the jungles of Samoa. Wrong! The correct answer is one of those places in the Third World where the water is malaria, the earth is poop, and the air is flies. Now stop complaining.

Whatever, Galu! Let's go back to Foa Foa. Ben kills a tiny lizard and thinks he's awesome. I'm pretty sure you could get more protein from a bug than that little thing. But why are we watching Ben when we could be watching Li'l Russell? Jaison talks to him about the Marisa vote, and how surprised he was at how "aggressive" the anti-Marisa contingent was about voting her off. He thinks it was personal, but Li'l Russell says it was all about getting rid of a potentially powerful player. Jaison points out that Ben's reasons for voting for Marisa were obviously personal, to which Li'l Russell just says he trusts Jaison much more than Ben. "Do you?" Jaison asks, not sounding like he believes him. As it turns out, he does, as he interviews that Jaison is a perfect ally because he's calm, cool, and honest. Can Li'l Russell please put some pants on already? I don't need to see Li'l Li'l Russell. No one does. Li'l Russell decides to tell Jaison a "secret": he suspects there is an immunity idol hidden somewhere in their camp. Well, duh. There's no Exile Island this season and this show just loves its hidden immunity idols even though they rarely do anything for anyone. Last season, even the fake immunity idol was useless. Li'l Russell is hoping to find it just by poking around, because if he can find it before any clues come to light, then no one else will have a chance. So, he heads for the well and looks around. Li'l Russell interviews that if he could find the idol now, he would be a genius. No one in this game has ever found the idol without a clue before. While everyone else sits around eating tiny bits of lizard, Li'l Russell pokes his head in the hollow of a tree just a few feet away from the campfire. Mick asks him what he's doing, and Li'l Russell says he's looking for the immunity idol. Way to keep a secret, guy. Sure enough, there is an idol in that tree hollow after all, and Li'l Russell is able to grab it and stuff it in his underwear without anyone being the wiser. Okay, that is pretty impressive, I must admit.

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