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Arrested Development

Li'l Russell meets with Jaison, who stumbles on something on the forest floor and lets out an "ow!" no doubt because of those blisters from having no socks. Li'l Russell shows him that he does, in fact, have the idol. Why tell anyone? I think it's because Li'l Russell is so proud of himself that he just has to share it with somebody. Jaison says he's excited that "we" have the idol. Um, no. Li'l Russell has the idol. It's not a group project. Li'l Russell interviews that his original plan was not to tell anyone if he found the idol, but he wanted Jaison's trust and figured this was a good way to earn it. That said, he has no intention of giving Jaison the idol and every intention of letting him think he would.

After the break, it's Day 5 and we are STILL hanging out at Foa Foa. Betsy is way too excited to get treemail with Jeffrey Tambor, and seems to be angling to make an old people alliance with him on the way. Jeffrey Tambor says he's not as worried about his age making him a target after not getting any votes the other night, and hopes that in today's challenge he'll be able to show his team that he is not their weakest member. Even though he is. Meanwhile, Ashley talks to Li'l Russell about the next person they vote out being whoever is worse at challenges between Betsy and Jeffrey Tambor. Liz interviews that she wants Jeffrey Tambor to go next because he "cannot compete physically." Mick gets to read the treemail because he is the meaningless leader. It looks like the reward challenge will be a physical one and probably involve the contestants having to beat each other up. These challenges are always so ill-conceived, and yet, fun to watch. The treemail also came with body paint so the contestants can paint themselves up like Samoan warriors. So, if you're a real Samoan warrior or just someone who is Samoan or appreciates Samoan culture, you'll want to look away before you're insulted by Survior's best approximation. Jeffrey Tambor claims to be excited about this challenge because one-on-one physical battles are his forte. "Someone's gettin' hurt, and it ain't our team," he says. Well, the English language just took a bit of a blow there. Nice one, Jeffrey Tambor!

The teams arrive at a mud pit. Galu is shocked to see that Marisa was voted out. I am shocked to see that Shambo isn't wearing any awesome facepaint. What the hell? You're going to have a mullet but not put on facepaint? LAME. Probst explains the challenge: there are three balls for three contestants from each tribe to fight over. They must get them and pass them to one of their three tribemates standing on a platform, who will then shoot it across the mud pit and into their team's basket for a point. After each point, the three people in the mud pit and on the platform switch places and the game starts again. The first tribe to get three points wins immunity and reward. What?? Immunity AND reward? I hate double challenges. The reward is fishing gear and a twist that will be revealed after the challenge. Galu chooses to sit Monica out, and we begin.

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