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Arrested Development

Whaaa? We get to see Galu again? No way! After a shot of a fish that looks a lot like Jeffrey Tambor (seriously, that thing is CREEPY. And, now, more identifiable than half of Galu), we see Shanana swimming with the newly-acquired fishing gear, ready to show everyone how awesome she is at spear-fishing. Everyone waits for her to return, certain she'll come bearing fish since she told them all that she was really good at it. Cut to Shamwow causally swimming in the lagoon and saying this is the first bath she's had in five days. Ew. No wonder her tribe is so happy she isn't there. Oh, also? She didn't catch any fish. She blames the poor visibility of the water. I wish that was the case, but the water was crystal-clear when they took that shot of the Tamborfish. She finally returns to camp with good news and bad news. Um, I think it's just bad news, Shambo. She didn't catch anything AND she managed to lose the mouthpiece part of the snorkel, although she won't admit to breaking it, saying "it floated off" and "there's nothing I can do." So, what's the good news? "There are hundreds of thousands of fish on the reef." Okay. Laura, which is name of the girl who isn't Monica, gives us her take on all of this: "the good news is -- you'll never believe it -- there's fish in the ocean." She puts hand up to her mouth in fake shock. But wait, Laura! There's more. Shambo also just put a big ol' target on her back, which means your chances of not getting voted out next just got a lot better, if Galu ever actually loses an immunity challenge. So, in a way, it is good news. Also, you have proven to be entertaining as well as useful to your tribe. "You just signed your own death warrant," Laura says of Shambo.

But let's return to Foa Foa. Yasmin tries to be friendly and introduce herself to the tribe, which means they all have to gather together and listen to her. She says she's a professional hairstylist and she is not their enemy. In fact, she'd love to help them strategize because "I don't like a not fair fight." So, that's insulting. "Why be matched up with people that's not matched up with the right people because then it's like taking candy from a baby. Who the hell wants to do that?" Um, people who want to win a million dollars? But apparently Yasmin is playing this game for the self esteem boost, which she won't get by playing against Foa Foa, who it's a "cakewalk" to beat. The rest of Foa Foa are forced to listen to this while trying not to voice their outrage just in case they need Yasmin somewhere down the line. But they are seething inside. Jaison interviews: "I was like, 'screw you.'" As Li'l Russell just walks away, Yasmin continues that Foa Foa appears to lack strategy, "no offense." What is with this woman? And now she wants to talk to Ben "in private," like her stay at Foa Foa gives her some kind power over these people? Li'l Russell interviews that he does not appreciate what Yasmin has to say, and he will disrespect her forever more and make her regret what she said. Except that he keeps making his tribemates feel uncomfortable and then they're weaker for challenges, so they keep losing and now they're down by three members. Keep it up, and it won't matter how much you hate Yasmin because your tribe will be decimated come the merge.

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