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Arrested Development

Yasmin wanders off to read her secret scroll. It's the first clue to the immunity idol. I'm not going to bother writing it down for you because we all know that Li'l Russell already found it. Yasmin figures out that the idol must be in a tree, but points out that this place is full of trees so that doesn't help her. Instead, she pulls Ben aside. He's friendly enough to her despite her terrible first impression, saying "sure!" when she says she wants to talk. "Let's talk about cheap shots," she says, sounding like a teacher. Ben, just kick her. It's okay in this case. Apparently at some point during the challenge Yasmin felt that Ben tackled her "like a dude." You mean that light push? Please. Ben rather diplomatically (for Ben, anyway), says that was the game and it wasn't personal. Suddenly, Yasmin gets all upset, saying it's just not right for a guy to tackle a girl. Yeah, Yasmin? It's a million freaking dollars. If you don't like guys being allowed to tackle girls like that you need to take it up with the people who designed the challenge. Yasmin says Ben was being "very disrespectful." Ben says she went after his teammate, and he was helping his team to win, simple as that. "You're not showing me no sympathy!" Yasmin says. Ben loses his patience a bit and says, "listen, Grandma Stool." Huh? Oh, he said "grammar school." Ha! But it's not like Ben sounds much more educated that Yasmin does, let's be honest. Yasmin calls Ben "ignorant." Come on, Yasmin. You're the one who sounds ignorant. Meanwhile, in the shelter, Jaison and Ashley can hear Yasmin arguing away. Ben interviews that Yasmin is a "piece of work" with a "big mouth." And she smells bad. Because I'm sure Ben smells like fucking roses. He says she's close to being a hooker. I have to wonder if he would have said or thought that if Yasmin was white. Okay, you know what? I pretty much know that he wouldn't have said the hooker remark nor the smelling bad thing if she was white. So now my hate must rapidly transfer from Yasmin to Ben. And also, to a certain extent, the casting people. Way to cast a racist, guys. I can't wait to see him win a million dollars. Yasmin ends the argument by calling Ben a "big sissy." He calls her out for the bad grammar again. Yeah, first time was okay. The second and third time it sounds like you can't think of anything else to go at her with. Think fast, outlaw.

Ben and Yasmin return to the camp area and continue their fight while everyone else sits around looking uncomfortable. Ashley interviews that Ben is a "wild card" who says and does stupid things at challenges. Yasmin storms off, and Ben tells his tribe that she is "ghetto trash" who needs to "go back to eating ketchup sandwiches and drinkin' Kool-Aid." I'm sure he said much worse than that, but the producers chose not to show the seriously racist stuff because it only makes this show look bad for casting a racist. Anyway, no one on Foa Foa that we can see calls Ben out for saying this stuff, so they all suck now as far as I'm concerned. Li'l Russell interviews that he is now enjoying Yasmin's visit, because it means confrontation at Ben's expense.

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