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Arrested Development

Foa Foa + Yasmin arrive at Tribal Council. Yasmin sits in what will probably end up being the jury bench and Probst begins, saying that the tribe seemed to agree that Marisa was a negative force dragging the team down and causing them to do poorly in challenges. He asks Liz if the team is "one big happy family" now that she's gone. Liz says they are, although losing another challenge was disappointing. Probst asks her if Yasmin's visit to their united tribe was a happy one. Of course not! Liz calls Ben and Yasmin's fight a "minor incident." Probst asks Ben about this. Ben says that Yasmin accused him of the cheap shot of tackling a girl even though there were no rules against it. Not like Ben plays by the rules anyway. He says Yasmin called him a sissy and used poor grammar that made him feel like he was talking to an idiot. Give the poor grammar thing a rest, Ben. Oh, but then he calls her "ghetto trash" and Liz cringes and Jaison rubs his face because they must know now that they are going to look like such an assholes for keeping Ben around over Betsy. "She needs to go back to where she came from," Ben concludes. If anyone else said that, I would assume they meant she should go back to Galu. But since it's Ben, he probably means Africa. And if he doesn't go home tonight for that then I have no hope for this tribe.

Probst turns to Li'l Russell for his opinion on the matter. Li'l Russell takes Ben's side, pointing out that Yasmin offended them as soon as she arrived when she said beating Foa Foa in challenges was like taking candy from a baby. He says it was disrespectful, and when someone comes into your house and insults you, you kick her out of your house. Um, except that no one kicked Yasmin out of anywhere. They all just stood there and took it. Li'l Russell and Ben high-five. Awesomely, Betsy is sitting between them and you can see her eyes roll from across the set. Jaison says Yasmin's visit isn't important right now. They need to win challenges, plain and simple. Probst asks Mick, as the "leader," if he approves of the way Ben went about defending the tribe. "That's how Benny rolls," Mick says. Mick, you are such a non-entity. Betsy can't keep quiet any longer and says that Ben's mouthing off, midnight wood chopping, and getting kicked out of the challenge should be cause to vote him out tonight, and yet she's the only person who brought her bag to Tribal Council. That's because your tribe is full of morons, Betsy.

Probst asks Ashley if Ben getting kicked out of the challenge hurt their chances. Ashley says it did, because it left her and Jaison against two guys and a girl. Probst asks Ben once again if he regrets getting kicked out of the challenge. Ben says he didn't realize that they were playing according to Probst's "sissy rules." Probst just sits there and takes it. Do NOT give him another host Emmy next year, just for that. Phil Keoghan would have kicked Ben's ass. I really expected better from Probst here. Ben says he regrets that he couldn't help his teammates but he does not regret tripping Russell, especially since everyone else was being much worse than he was. And also because Russell is black. Ben doesn't say that, but come on. I have no intention of giving him the benefit of a doubt. Probst asks if the trip was intentional and Ben says it absolutely was because he saw that Russell needed to be taken down and he knew he couldn't do it by tackling him. Probst asks Ben what he thinks his chances of winning this game are. Ben says they're as good as anybody's. Which is true. Why not? You think every single winner of this game has been a good person? More often than not, it's the opposite. Ben says he doesn't start fights with people, but he will respond to them.

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