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Arrested Development

Probst says it's time to vote, but first Yasmin has to get going. She gives Ben the evil eye on her way out. Betsy votes for Ben and sings the Cops theme song. Also, I have a feeling that Ben should never set foot in New Hampshire because he's going to get like thirty tickets immediately upon crossing the border. Ben votes for Betsy, calling her a "bad cop" and shooting a finger gun at the camera. Shooting a cop? Well, now he'll get tickets everywhere he goes! Good move, asshole.

Probst returns with the urn. First vote is for Betsy. Second vote is for Ben. Then a second vote for Betsy. And a third. Ugh. And a fourth. Betsy figures she's done. And she is. Shame on you, Foa Foa. Let's hope that next week we'll get to spend more than five minutes with the good people of Galu, because I can't stand Foa Foa.

Hey! It's time for Betsy's family moment, presenting by those bastards at Sears. She has a husband and kids to go home to, so in the end, I think she wins over Ben.

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