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Fresh from her hug-refusing departure, Stacey greets Christine on Redemption Island. Christine is both happy and sad to see her former friend/not-quite-ally from Upolu. Stacey doesn't refuse her hug, and Christine sighs that she was hoping not to see Stacey. Stacey says Coach is running the show at camp, like Christine hadn't figured that out when he obviously engineered her departure from the game like 10 days ago. "All y'all gonna go to hell with gasoline drawers on," Stacey says of her former tribe's lying ways, conveniently forgetting that she was perfectly happy to lie when it suited her. "That is not one big happy family on the blue tribe," Stacey says in an interview. I love how she either doesn't know or refuses to say the actual name of her tribe, but I have a feeling that things over there are much happier now that she's gone. Stacey says she's determined to tell the "red tribe" all about Upolu's intra-tribal dynamics at the challenge.

Day 12 at Upolu. Li'l Li'l Russell creepily skulks around the camp and tells his sleeping tribemates that they have treemail, which the entire tribe is apparently responsible for collecting at the same time. While he waits for them to wake up, he interviews that he didn't like Mikayla's "prejudiced" comment at Tribal that she didn't like Li'l Li'l Russell because of who his uncle is. Meanwhile, he doesn't like her because she's an attractive woman, so, whatever. "She had very little class at that time," Li'l Li'l Russell says, as if classiness was determined by whether or not you hold things against someone's nephew and also that Li'l Li'l Russell has any idea what class even is. And then, of course, he cries all over the place, saying that these are "real people" with "feelings," which he apparently didn't take into consideration when he was talking about how horrible Mikayla was and trying to blindside her out of the game. "I'm a good person. I'm a good guy," Li'l Li'l Russell tells himself. If he says it enough times, he might actually believe it.

The treemail is an invitation for two to the Redemption Arena. Coach interviews that with Stacey and Christine going head-to-head today, there's a good chance they'll tell the other tribe all about the way things are going at Upolu. He hopes they don't, because Christine and Stacey totally owe him that much. Albert and Mikayla join Dawn and the blonde in the bleachers at the arena, and Dawn is "shocked" to see that Stacey was voted out last night. The blonde girl smirks that she isn't surprised. Since did the blonde girl earn the right to look smug about anything? I don't even know her name.

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