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Mick and Li'l Russell fetch the treemail. While Mick focuses on the task at hand, Li'l Russell takes the opportunity to look around for the idol. Mick just laughs that off because obviously no one on this show except for Li'l Russell has any idea how this game is played. They return to camp with no idol but with a treemail that quotes Monty Python and thus can go fuck itself. It's for the reward challenge, and it promises a feast for the winner. But surely they're all full from that mouse-rat?

Aiga arrive at the challenge. Probst explains that they'll be "randomly" divided into two teams of five. Four members of the team will race out, two at a time, to fetch five poles with black and white coconuts on them that will then be arranged on a board so that the white coconuts spell out a four-digit number. Once they have that number, they must tell it to their fifth teammate, who is blindfolded and standing in front of a large bicycle lock-style dial. She will have to feel out the four matching numbers on the dial to unlock it and win the prize. And just what will they win? A trip to a naturally-formed rock waterslide that the contestants don't care about half as much as the picnic lunch of fried chicken and brownies. With that, the teams are "randomly" chosen off-camera. Because there are 11 players left in the game, Natalie is not on either team. Probst explains that she gets to choose a team to root for in this challenge. If that team wins, she gets to enjoy the reward with them. If they lose, so does she. I have a feeling this challenge was supposed to happen at a point in the show when there was an even number of players, but thanks to various injuries, that didn't happen so they had to come up with this. Natalie has to choose between a team of three Foa Foas, Random Brett, and Laura, or five Galus. On one hand, Laura is awesome at this stuff and whichever team she's on should do well. On the other, Foa Foa sucks out loud at challenges and all three of them are on one team, so it's sure to fail despite the presence of Laura. And yet, on a third hand, Shambo is on the all-Galu team and she's pretty awful, too, so Galu could lose after all. This is a tough choice indeed for Natalie. As it is, she was probably hoping to be sent off to Exile Island or something to get an immunity idol. In the end, she sides with her fellow Foa Foa losers.

Probst says go and there is much running and pole-fetching. Dave Ball has been paired up with Shambo, and makes sure she has no part of the challenge. It's pretty close throughout the first part, although the Foa Foa team has a slight advantage because they have four men while the Galus have two women. And yet, Probst delights in calling out "Shambo really slowing purple down!" as if she's supposed to sprint as fast as a man ten years younger than her. Come on. "That gives yellow a lot of advantage," he says. Then I guess you should make sure the teams have an even number of men and women on them next time, hmm?

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