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Probst accepts the idol and says any votes against Li'l Russell will not count. So now the question becomes, are there any? Judging by the expressions on Galu's faces, I'd say yes. And so there are. As soon as Probst reveals the first one, Foa Foa know they've done it and allow themselves to try on Galu's smug smiles, now that they won't be needing them. Li'l Russell gets all seven of Galu's votes (nice job, Shambo. Or, rather, whoever told her to vote with Galu) and Galu wait to see on who among them the axe will fall. Much to everyone's surprise, it's Kelly. Now Galu have to act like they're sad to see her go when they've really got to be feeling pretty damn relieved it's not them. Kelly remains insignificant until the end, with Laura getting all the screentime with her whispered "he just stirred up a whole lot of hell, is what he did." So awesomely, Shambo turns and nods at Laura solemnly. When Kelly's torch is extinguished, it's Li'l Russell who gets the screentime. Good-bye, random blonde woman! See you in the jury! Or not, since your final question will probably get edited out anyway! Probst turns back around and says that the last two Tribal Councils have ended in blindsides (enh, not so much that first one, since everyone knew what was going on except Erik and Shambo) and idols being played. He asks if that will be enough to turn the tide for Foa Foa. And he announces that the immunity idol is going back into the game, since if he didn't I'm sure they'd all go around believing it was nowhere to be found while Li'l Russell got it again.

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