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Before officially beginning this week's special clips show recap, I would like to get a few things straight with Mark Burnett, so here goes.

The dictionary defines the subsequent words as follows:
never (n v r)
1. Not ever; on no occasion; at no time.
2. Not at all; in no way; absolutely not.
before (b -fôr , -f r )
1. Earlier in time.
2. In front; ahead.
1. Previous to in time; earlier than.
2. In front of.
3. In store for; awaiting.
4. Into or in the presence of.
5. Under the consideration or jurisdiction of.
6. In a position superior to.
1. In advance of the time when.
2. Rather than; sooner than.
see (s )
v. saw (sô), seen (s n), see·ing, sees.
1. To perceive with the eye.
a. To apprehend as if with the eye.
b. To detect by means analogous to use of the eye.
2. To have a mental image of; visualize.
3. To understand; comprehend.
4. To consider to be; regard.
5. To believe possible; imagine.
6. To foresee.
7. To know through firsthand experience; undergo.
8. To give rise to or be characterized by.
9. To find out; ascertain.
10. To refer to; read.
11. To take note of; recognize.
12. To meet or be in the company of.
13. To share the companionship of often or regularly.
a. To visit socially; call on.
b. To visit for consultation.
14. To admit or receive, as for consultation or a social visit.
15. To attend; view.
16. To escort; attend.
17. To make sure; take care.
18. Games.
a. To meet (a bet) in card games.
b.To meet the bet of (another player).

Placed together -- oft as they are throughout advertisements for these clips shows -- these words read "never before seen," or, according to their dictionary definitions, "on no occasion previous[ly] viewed with the eye." And since what I'm about to recap could hardly be described as new, and -- unless that same dictionary defines "highlights" as "complete and total crap" -- either the viewing audience has once again been duped, or Mark Burnett would do well to purchase a dictionary of his very own.

I mean, I gathered my family for this?

But onto my standard disclaimer: this is not a re-recap, and oddly enough, the fact that I refuse to write about material we already saw in the episodes doesn't result in only three paragraphs. So if you want to know what happened the first time around, go back and read the recap. I won't risk making the same bad joke twice. Unless it was a really, really good joke in which case I might be unable to resist.

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