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So Jed hustled during the temple-building immunity challenge, while the rest of his tribe pretended to care, leading to Sook Jai's first immunity challenge loss. The tribe headed to their first Tribal Council, and post-boot Jed explains in a new confessional that his heart was beating very quickly as he prayed that it wasn't happening and was instead just a bad nightmare. No, Jed. You actually did wear that silly cowboy hat. He tells us that even as he received his fourth vote, he was still thinking there was no way five people would have voted for him. I never noticed what a whiny voice he had before; he might actually be crying here. In any case, as he was voted out Jed wondered if there was anything more he could have done. Maybe not antagonizing the entire tribe by refusing to help build the shelter for starters? Jed doesn't remember when Peachy snuffed out his torch because, he says, "I was numb." Except it totally sounds like he says, "I was dumb," which also applies.

On Day 12, Brian made some sexist, unfunny comments about the Chuay Gahn women doing his laundry. And why, having since encountered Brian's wife, do I think it's wishful thinking on his part that anyone in Brian's home does laundry except for Brian? C.C. -- along with the white baby grand piano -- is purely decorative.

Peachy snits in voiceover that Chuay Gahn couldn't pull it together for another "mental challenge," thus sentencing themselves to their third Tribal Council, where Helen joined the tribe's men in voting off Grindia. In her post-boot confessional, Grindia tells us that she would have lasted longer if she's accepted Ted's apology for his "indiscretion," even though she "despised" him. She explains, "I was just gonna be Ghandia no matter what," and then rambles about herself in the third person for a while before concluding, "And I'm not going to change…the essence of Ghandia. Because Ghandia herself -- she's an awesome beautiful person."

At Sook Jai on Day 23, it's never-before-seen footage time! Except we saw some of it in the introductory segment, teasers and advertisements, but anyway. As the tribe struggles with the boat, Jake tells us in a confessional that he's convinced "the canoe weighs 2,321 pounds." He says one person alone can't move it, not to mention it's cracked and sinks as soon as it hits the water. He calls it the worst canoe he's seen in his life, and he's seen a few. Finally, Ken and Jake manage to get into the canoe, while Shii Devil unsuccessfully attempts to guide them into the surf. On shore, Erin and Penny watch and do the pee pee dance. Jake insists in a confessional that he's "pretty doggone good at canoeing," and his frustrations with their boat made him want to throw something. Still, he was willing to try again, convinced that he could do it on his own. Dramatic music swells as we see Jake -- this time guided by Ken -- attempting to set out in the canoe. A wave hits and knocks a flailing Ken over before Jake very slowly falls out of the back of the boat. On shore, a peeved Jake asks the others, "How many of you vote for burning the fucking canoe?" and then kicks his hat.

At Chuay Gahn on Day 14, Brian was convinced that there must have been a "reasonable explanation" why their boat floated away. I could give about a billion "reasonable explanation(s)" and they all include words like "stupid" and "foolish" and "dimwitted" and "because Mark Burnett picked these people from the pool of rejected The Gong Show applicants."

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