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Peachy whines again that the hour is passing by too quickly, and he's losing time in the spotlight. In the next segment, we'll see a promo for the sixth season, but first we'll see some of Jan's "colleagues" in Florida. He says, "Where else would they be? They're at a pub!" Jan's crowd is smaller and more sedate than Clay's, and includes a blatantly bored red-shirted man.

As we return from commercial, drunk Ted screams and rolls around on a mattress while his feet are massaged. He laughs good-naturedly while the clip airs, and Robb pats his back. They then clasp hands on it -- an act common among reality-show competitors, which I'll never understand. Peachy says, "Ted, I know you don't drink often. And it's a good thing."

Next up, Peachy explains that we're about to look at "one of the most mysterious places on earth." Clay and Linda's home? No, it's the next season of Survivor in the Amazon! As Peachy voice-overs that the Amazon is the largest rainforest on the planet and responsible for fifteen percent of the world's oxygen, we see treetops, muddy water, a green boat bearing Peachy, and a suspicious-looking crocodile. I guess all crocodiles are inherently suspicious-looking, but this on is particularly so. A monkey-like creature jumps between trees, a local looks serious, and another croc ducks the camera. Peachy narrates that the Amazon is big, and full of kooky animals. Well, he calls them "beautiful" and "unique." I'm already a fan of the very cuddly-looking sloth. Peachy tells us that deeper in the jungle there are dangerous animals, as well. And you're trying to tell me that the aforementioned "pink dolphin" is not dangerous? Anyway, these include more crocodiles, piranhas, and "the world's most-feared snake, the anaconda." The new S16 will face torrential rainstorms and scorching temperatures as well as, Peachy promises, "a twist unlike anything you've ever seen." A bird screams at the camera. A spider drops down in front of a torch. It's yet another ultimate challenge: outwit, outplay, outlast. You know how it goes from here.

There are three things Peachy wants to ask about before they wrap up. He urges the S16 to keep their answers short, because there are so many good stories to tell. First, he asks Jake about Jenny's trip to Thailand. We see Jenny, seated considerably closer than C.C., laughing in the audience, as Jake explains that before Jenny arrived, he was outnumbered, feeling down, low, and hungry, but when she showed up and ate her bugs, Jake reached an all-time high. Then, "she walk[ed] off," and he reached the "lowest of lows in the world." Two days later, she came back, and he convinced himself that because she'd eaten all those bugs for him, he could do absolutely anything for her. Seeing her made him melt "right into mush, man," and he concludes, "It's about love. That's what it's about."

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