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Peachy heralds a "hard transition, here," as he calls out a somber Tanya, who obviously knows what's coming. He reveals that she had a tough time on the show, but a much harder time afterward. She was still on the island when Day 36 rolled around, and brought sad news from home. Peachy says he wants to check in with her before ordering her to tell the group what happened. Tanya cries as she explains that it's still a very emotional subject for her; she tells us that her mother called her in Thailand to tell her that her father had died. The dead people pictures always get to me, and this one is no different. Tanya's father looks very happy and pleasantly goofy in his photograph. He's not exactly wistful, but it's close enough. The camera lingers on the photo, working it for all it's got. Peachy thinks there's an "up side" of the story -- as there always is with Peachy -- and explains that prior to Tanya's departure for Thailand, there was some "family business that hadn't been resolved." Tanya explains that her parents divorced ten years ago and her sister and father hadn't spoken in ten years because of it. She tells us that "[her] sister and them" threw a party for her, and she was shocked to learn that her father had been invited. She weepily says, "Had I not been selected for Survivor, they never would have talked!" and concludes, "So it was like even though I lost, I was a winner, you know, before I even left!" There's so much to mock there, but dead parents kind of take the fun right out of it. Poor Tanya.

Peachy tells us that they have a little more to do before we go, and as the camera pans out for the last commercial, a woman's voice oddly urges in the background, "Come on! Let's go! Come on. Go! What? No!" Did anyone else hear that, or was it my subconscious piping in?

Tinkly, thoughtful music plays as we return from commercial. Peachy calls out waxen John, and suggests that he's "without question" the strongest and most capable contestant ever voted out first. Peachy thinks that if he had another shot at the game, he'd do much better. He asks if John is "doin' okay, though?" and in the nine and a half seconds allotted to him, John explains that he gave his tribe members the idea that he was an aggressor, when he was just trying to help the tribe. Being voted out first really sucks.

Peachy thanks the S16, and wants to leave us with a couple of "observations." First, he tells us that fans can buy all kinds of items at eBay, including the voting urn -- with the votes -- and the torches. More importantly, it benefits the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. He also tells us that they're now looking for people for Survivor 7, and offers up a "cryptic" tip: "Study John Nash's non-cooperative game-playing theory. He promises that "all the answers to Survivor are there," and tells the "fanatics" to get on the internet. Oh, sweet, naïve Just Peachy. The fanatics are already there.

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