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Despite Peachy's confusion about how Brian won, he still thinks Brian was one of the all-time smartest players. In fact, Peachy posits, if the tribe were a totem pole, Brian was never at its head; instead, he maintained control of the game without ever controlling the tribe. Although I'm not sure if that statement is entirely true, it's worth the image of the animated heads of Ted, Jan, Helen, Clay, and Brian forming a totem pole. Brian credits his success to daily "positive affirmations," as well as to enjoying the game. He woke up each morning and reminded himself that he was not at Club Med. I'll bet every one-time shipwrecked castaway watching the show right now wishes he or she had that problem. Brian claims that there are mind games involved, and reveals that he had to remind himself of that frequently, and confirm his purpose in Thailand.

As Brian's cockiness escalates, Peachy swoops in to cut him down. He points out that, despite all Brian's strategies, he barely won over Clay. He apologizes to Clay for being "fresh," as he points out that he "badgered" three people on the jury and still got three of the jury's seven votes. He asks if Brian was surprised to have "squeaked this out." Brian curiously looks Clay over, before sputtering that Clay's a "very tough competitor, very likeable, very likeable, likeable guy, a very likeable guy." Peachy is annoyed and cuts in, "No, no, no, no, no, Brian. We're not doin' this anymore!" He thinks he might get a straight answer out of Clay, and very slowly explains that there were seven people on the jury, so Clay needed four votes. Instead of pandering to those votes, Clay instead gave Jake a pre-Tribal Council tongue-lashing, and did it again during the jury speeches; he talked around Ted's question; and he didn't even try to answer Helen. Peachy asks why Clay didn't even attempt to win over one of them, and points out that it would have been a "$900,000 vote." Clay responds that because he and Jake are from the same part of the country and have arguments every day, he thought that particular disagreement wasn't a big deal. Peachy questions whether Clay really thought Jake would write off the argument, "Aw, that old Clay." Clay says he didn't think that, but he also didn't think Jake would "hold it in his heart like that." Clay fumbles for words to continue, and Peachy finally cuts him off: "You get my point, right?" Clay understands, but that doesn't stop Peachy from snitting, "My point is: you got all this way and then you just started cuttin' bridges left and right." Clay explains that he didn't think at the time he was cutting a bridge with Jake, he remains confused about Ted's allegations of racism, and Helen's mind was already made up so whatever he said wouldn't have made any difference. With this, the camera pans over to show Helen's sourpuss face.

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