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Peachy turns back to Brian, points out his various alliances, and says it was clear -- given the opportunity -- that Brian planned to take to the finals whomever would benefit Brian best in the end; Peachy asks why Brian thought that was Clay. Brian responds, "One word: paranoia." He explains that Clay made the mistake of allowing his emotions to take over, and didn't always think before acting. Peachy translates: "Meaning: Clay had more enemies," and then orders the group, "Gimme a direct answer" from now on because the show is only an hour long. Peachy agrees that it was wise of Brian not to pick Jan, because she was well liked. Brian mumbles, "Just a decision."

Peachy turns to Ted and points out that both he and Clay were surprised by Ted's allegations of a racist comment by Clay. Ted -- who has lost more weight since the show ended but still hasn't managed to buy a shirt that fits him -- says it took him by surprise, too. He reveals that he had a conversation about racism with Helen after she was voted off. When he asked if Clay had ever made any racist comments, she revealed that he had. Because Ted trusted and respected Helen, he took her word for it. The subject was "dear" to him, and he was pissed off. Peachy questions whether it was fair to base such an important decision on hearsay; Ted says he isn't sure. He states again that he was angry to hear about such a comment from Clay, because he thought Clay was different. Peachy smirkily calls out Helen, pointing out that she supplied the damaging information, but was also the same person who was "on Brian's butt" for basing a decision on hearsay. She so wishes she was on Brian's butt. Anyway, Helen meets Peachy's criticism with her typically defiant and silent stare. He asks how Ted could be sure that Helen didn't speak ill out of a grudge against Clay. Ted acknowledges that she could have, but claims that her description of the events leading up to the comment made sense, and he trusted her enough to believe her. He ultimately reached his conclusion based on his "gut." I'd argue that his gut was so compromised by that point, it couldn't possibly have been a reliable source.

Peachy says, "And now the bigger question...." and I momentarily think he'll move on to the actual comment, since it seems only fair when someone is accused of racism -- or of anything for that matter -- that he know exactly what he is being accused of. But no; that subject's over and done with. Instead, Peachy wants to know why Helen, Ted, and Jan didn't attempt to take out Clay or Brian in order to "break that power link." Ted grins broadly and responds that he didn't trust Clay and doubted that Jan was "emotionally stable enough" to negotiate a deal without giving it away. The audience laughs along with Ted at the "emotionally stable" part. Jan acknowledges that, according to Peachy, she had some "ups and downs out there emotionally." Peachy asks if she was aware that Helen and Ted were trying to form a "new threesome" with her, and aside from the ew factor, Jan responds that she thought she could have been a swing vote and expected to be approached, but that never happened. We don't see Helen's face yet, but I have no doubt that it's locked in its typical steely frown. Peachy points out that Helen just "turned around and dropped [her] jaw on that," and Helen insists that she did indeed approach Jan, who says, "Oh, I'm sorry." Helen continues whining, "I did, I did. It was our chance!" And either Jan entirely forgot that she'd been approached, or she's too nice to contradict Helen on national television. Helen continues to shake her head in overwrought dismay while Peachy turns back to Jan and asks her if she "remember[s] the time when Brian and Clay stood above [her] in a very intimidating pose." He wants to know specifically whether she recalls what Brian said, and she does: that they were going to vote Helen out. He asks what was going through her head at that point, and wonders if it was a good move. Jan didn't know what direction to go in; she should have approached Helen, but reveals that they'd all earlier agreed to avoid the random ball-picking tiebreaker, or as she eloquently puts it, having to "pull the balls, you know, at the end." She admits that it was an error, but that's not good enough for Peachy, who apparently wants her sobbing in a guilt-ridden pile of shame by the end of this. He trots out Brian's comment that third place was pretty good and mockingly adds, "Third place is what? -- you know, $15,000 more than fourth, and it's just about a million short of first."

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